10 Signs You Should Invest In Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services Save Your Business Meetings, clients, emails, social media management, split testing, product development, profit and loss…the list is endless. As a business grows, the ability to maintain focus in so many areas divides. Content most always takes a back seat. Content is at the heart of every single business. It’s what generates […]

Lesson 8 (Advanced): How to Run a Content Audit of Your Site – FREE Template

Hey there, Can you believe we’ve reached lesson eight already? It’s time to push things even further! You now have the skills needed to employ more advanced methods to get better results from your content. Of course, many webmasters and site owners automatically assume that their site content is on point and does not need […]

The Ultimate Social Media Giveaway Guide: The Art of Giving

Nowadays, just about every business has at least one social media account. Most have several. It makes perfect sense too: with billions of users, it’s too good of an opportunity to pass up. Everyone wants to get traffic and leads through social media. The question is “How?”. Well, there are tons of methods but today we’ll […]

Lesson 6: How to Create Calls-to-Action That Get a Reaction

Hello, everybody! Take a seat because class is in session. In our previous lessons, we discussed how to create good-looking landing pages and how to get people to visit them. Now we’re going to look into the decisive factor: the call-to-action. Once you know how to make effective calls-to-action, you’ll be ready to start raking […]

Lesson 5: Creating a Landing Page Leads Can’t Refuse

Ready for your next lesson? You may remember that we talked about making a landing page in our last lesson. Well, that topic deserves some more details. “Lead capture pages” or landing pages are one of the biggest sources of new leads for a business. Since the stakes are so high, you have to put […]

Lesson 4: Effective Conversion Elements and How to Implement Them

Grab a seat ’cause the next lesson is about to begin! Last time, we got to talk about three conversion elements and how to use them. I hope you got the chance to try them out and see the results. If you remember, I also said that you need to do a lot of testing […]

How to Write Creative Headlines That Give You Results [Infographic]

Looking back at 2016 statistics, it’s safe to say writing creative headlines will have a huge impact in 2017. We now know that readers only share content that touches them in a personal way. The Content Marketing Institute has published a new 2016 report for content marketers. The study shows that: [sqcta text=”72% of B2B marketers continue […]



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