SEO Basics You Need to Master (Actually Not that Complicated)

SEO Basics: Beginner’s Guide to SEO Success Do you ever feel like SEO is too difficult – too difficult to even be worth the effort? Let me tell you… you’re not the only one. Look, the world of search engine optimization is complex and ever-changing. Yes. HOWEVER, the basics of SEO are not that complicated. […]

How to Generate Affiliate Links for Custom Pages You Want to Promote

As a Squirrly Affiliate, you can send people to different pages that we have created: books, blog articles, games, courses, landing pages, case studies, and much more. All of these pages are a part of our validated sales funnels (have been created with the purpose of generating sales for our products). This means that you […]

How You Can Easily Become Competitive in Any Field You Choose

Let’s say you want to tackle a market: it can be your market or a new market (niche) that you want to enter. What I’ll tell you about today is part of a strategy that works with any kind of business, whether it’s a “sushi restaurant”, “cheap PC games”, “self driving car solutions”, “airport beacon […]

9 Time-Saving Twitter Formulas for Promoting Content

Add an image. Use emojis. Mention an influencer in your post. You’ve probably heard this advice over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, you should take best practices such as those into account when creating twitter messages. But here’s the problem: Those best practices don’t help with what’s typically one of the biggest problems […]

Use Squirrly’s Business Plan to Rank on Google via 3rd Party Platforms

The Business Plan from Squirrly SEO opens the door to many new golden opportunities that you can explore to increase online visibility for your content, build new connections and increase your reputation. Here are just some of the extended capabilities of the Business Plan: Unlimited Optimizations that you can make using the Squirrly Live Assistant; 300 […]

Understanding the Reality Behind Direct Selling

Direct selling is a concept based on the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers. It is a marketing channel which takes many forms such as one-on-one demonstrations, internet sales and other personal contact arrangements. A textbook definition of direct selling would be presenting it as ” the direct personal presentation, demonstration, and sale of […]

ContentLook – A New Online Analysis Tool for Your Website

Having a well-known website can be a great thing, but just because it starts making you money doesn’t mean you won’t have to work on it anymore. On the contrary, the more traffic you get the more time you will have to spend improving your website. But how do you go about doing this? Luckily […]

Keep Your Content Strategy Fresh and Up to Date in 2015

Making sure your content strategy adapts to whatever search engine algorithms throw at it is vital. There is no doubt about that, especially if you take into account the recent rumors about Google updating its search engine algorithms. This doesn’t mean much for regular folks, but it can make a huge difference for anybody who owns […]



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