SEO Wars – What Color Is Your Lightsaber? [Infographic]

Have you ever thought about your search engine optimization as a series of SEO Wars? Well, it’s exciting to think about it that way, and you will feel like a real life Jedi when you do so. You can even choose a SEO mentor in your search engine optimization journey to get the full experience. […]

10 Signs You Should Invest In Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services Save Your Business Meetings, clients, emails, social media management, split testing, product development, profit and loss…the list is endless. As a business grows, the ability to maintain focus in so many areas divides. Content most always takes a back seat. Content is at the heart of every single business. It’s what generates […]

7 Proven Tips For Writing Engaging Content

7 proven tips for content writing

You go online and all you can see is content. Bad content, good content, engaging content. It’s all there. It’s like being in Times Square in New York City. All you see around you are gigantic colorful billboards that want to suck you into their fantasy. It’s a battle of who’s the biggest or prettiest and […]

Do You Use Influencer Marketing Strategy with Confidence ?

Times are changing and so does advertising, or at least this is what we think. Indeed, we evolve because of technology, but our habits stay the same. In other words, do you remember the classical way merchants used to promote stuff? By word of mouth? Well, this is still happening. They are calling it influencer marketing […]

How to Write Creative Headlines That Give You Results [Infographic]

Looking back at 2016 statistics, it’s safe to say writing creative headlines will have a huge impact in 2017. We now know that readers only share content that touches them in a personal way. The Content Marketing Institute has published a new 2016 report for content marketers. The study shows that: [sqcta text=”72% of B2B marketers continue […]

9 Business Phrases You Should Avoid to Not Sound Dumb

Certain Business Phrases Raise Big Red Flags The most important characteristic your business needs to possess is authenticity. Everything you say and everything you do is gauged by prospective clients to be either genuine or have ulterior motives. There are certain business phrases that will raise red flags with any client. The following words and phrases are […]

5 Tested Digital Branding Solutions For Small Businesses and Startups

For the longest time, people have been talking about brands in the offline environment. When the Internet came around, companies noticed that they needed to build an online presence. [bctt tweet=” This is how the digital brand was born. “] Now, more and more startups and small businesses are starting to understand how powerful the online […]

20 Minute Daily Social Media Marketing Strategy

How do you keep up with your social media marketing strategy every single day? We all have days where it feels like there’s just not enough time to get every single thing done. When these days occur we usually prioritize what needs to be done, hence leaving some things out. One of the biggest things […]

Copyright for Content and How it Can Affect You In Negative Ways

Before the internet used to exist, it was easier to store your ideas. You were writing them down on pieces of papers, journals, napkins, book corners and so on. You weren’t afraid of the copyright issue, because you were sure nobody would steal them. Back then, that would mean taking the physical object with them (except […]



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