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16 Feb 2018

When you have a website designed for your business, you want to make sure that is has all the characteristics that make it search engine friendly.

Aside from blogging, traffic, social, links, and authority, you need to pay attention at SEO too. In the SEO category the copyright issues are included, too.

This article explains to you what the Copyright Meta Tag is, why it’s important, and how you can integrate it on your website.

What is a Copyright Meta Tag?

Basically, a Meta Copyright Tag ensures you that the photos and the text on your website are protected from pretty much everybody that wants to “use” your content.

Also, this meta tag describes the copyright statements that are available to web crawlers when they want to use your intellectual property.

Why it’s important to have the Copyright Meta Tag on your website?

The Copyright Meta, as I said, keeps all your website content protected. Content stealing is a great problem in the world. Only the Germans have laws against it. What you need to do is to take all the precautions you can against crawlers that might take the content from your website or real people who might just steal and reproduce it.

So, if you added this feature on your website, you will have proof against someone that tries to copy a text or steal an image.

If somehow you get in court by suing someone for copyright infringement, this meta tag will help you by showing what your rights are.

If you don’t have a Copyright Meta Tag, you should consider adding one. If not, this will increase the chances of you being exposed, and in the case of someone copying your content, you won’t have anything against him.

How to add the Copyright Meta Tag on your website?

The basic format for this meta tag is this: <meta name=”copyright” content=”your name/your company’s name” >.

You can add it in the HTML source of your page. The HTML code for the meta tag copyright needs to be placed between the opening head tag (<head>) and the closing head tag </head>.

You should add this meta tag to all of your webpages, not just to the index page.

If you use WordPress, you can download and install Squirrly SEO Plugin for WordPress, and it will help you to instantly get the copywright meta inside of your website. So, no more hustle for you. You will see that the free version offers you a lot of great stuff, like the copywright meta.

Go ahead and fix the copyright issues (if you have them), so that you stop worrying about people stealing your work.

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