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Do you optimize your site for keyword search?

Think of Search Engines as computers which verify every site using algorithms that follow the paths to the site’s teaching. People also search for keywords and key-phrases before selecting a web page from your site. If you want to become an authority in your domain you need to let both search engines and humans know clearly what you are writing about. That’s why it’s important not only to optimize each and every article for keywords, but also to optimize your site for a domain of keywords.

Why is important to do this?

If you optimize your site for a specific keyword and keywords in that domain, you will be recognized by search engines as an authority in your domain. Also, people will know more easily what your site is about and they will be drawn to your site when they need information in that specific domain. You’ll be transforming them from random visitors to your site to constant and loyal ones. So, you’ll directly influence your traffic, conversion rates and click-behavior. This will happen because once you start optimizing for keyword search, you’ll send clearer ideas about your topics, relevant information in the domain, and interesting and appealing content.

How to optimize for Keyword Search

You can do this smoothly and easily, if you have WordPress with Squirrly SEO WordPress Plugin.

First, you need to do some keyword research. It’s important to choose a keyword which would be sought by potential readers or customers. You can look for what keywords and key-phrases are in trend and verify your chances to get ahead of your competition.

For Keyword Research you can use the Squirrly Keyword Research. You’ll get important data about the keyword you’ll optimize for: social intelligence, trend, competition, possibility to outrank competition for that keyword and how many people search for that keyword.

If your domain is vast, such as finance, then you can Click on Add Keyword and type 2 or 3 keywords and the Squirrly Keyword Research will recommend to you related keywords from the same domain, putting them in the order of how they are searched on the Internet. This way you can limit your domain and work with more specific keywords.

Second, try to use these keywords in every article, because you’ll become an authority in the domain.

How to optimize your articles for keywords

In order to reach 100% SEO you need to optimize your articles for that keywords you’ve researched:

  • Choose a core keyword that would be present in the majority of your articles. It should be a mark of your domain and this will turn you into an authority in this domain.
  • Choose secondary keywords, which should be relevant to the topic and related to the core one. Try and use only these keywords in your content, and not enlarge your keyword domain too much.
  • Use the keywords in the <TITLE> tag of your articles. If you put the keyword on the first position it will also appear in your URL and influence your ranking on search engines.
  • Use the keywords in the meta-description of your content.
  • Use the keywords in the content you’re writing. Squirrly SEO Live Assistant will help you do this while writing your articles.
  • Use keywords in headlines and in the <ALT TEXT> of your images.

Now you know how to do keyword search for your site and why this is important. Hope you’ll write awesome content!

NagyPaul Sorel

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