How To Increase Your Google Plus Shares

16 Feb 2018

Google Plus was on everybody’s lips when it came out. Social media specialists said that it was going to be the new Facebook. As it turns out, that didn’t happen. Facebook is still the number 1 social media platform. Even so, Google+ proved to be pretty popular, though not from the very beginning.

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Why do Google Plus shares matter?

Google Plus is great, because when you share a post publicly, that post will appear in search engine results. And your post doesn’t even have to be popular. So if you’re sharing a post and you make it public, the chances of your website getting traffic from your Google+ profile, will increase.

What does it mean when you have few Google Plus shares?

First of all, you’re obviously missing the opportunity of your posts ranking in search results. It also means that your posts are not engaging enough, so they can drive people’s attention. Thankfully, there are some ways that can help you change that.

How you can increase your Google Plus shares

  • Add “share” and “follow me” buttons in your articles. This will make it easier for the reader to share your article, if he likes it. Sharing on social media will also help increase the SEO for your website. Being active on social media will increase the social strength of your website, too.
  • Make your posts public. As I was saying, public posts can be seen by everyone, and most importantly, they will appear on search engine results, no matter how popular they already are on your Google Plus profile. At the same time, your posts will be embeddable, therefore they will increase the chances of getting traffic from other websites. Even if people don’t follow your profile, they will still be able to see your post, thus more people will be able to share it if they like it.
  • Use images in your posts. We are visual human beings, so we are more attracted to visual content than to anything else. And with less attention span these days, a powerful image can draw a reader to your website more than a catchy headline. The quality of the image matters too, as it makes you more reliable. Google Plus’s layout allows for you to integrate large images, which can catch the audience’s attention. Still, you need to be careful what images you use. Squirrly can help you find images that are copyright free. Isn’t that great?
  • Make the content you’re sharing interesting and engaging. Bold your post title, so that it’s clear and visible. Explain what the post is about in a few sentences. Add your own hashtags. If you click on a hashtag, not only will you see all the posts with that hashtag, but you will also see results of related hashtags. This is a great feature, because it allows you to find new related ideas and topics for future posts. At the same time, don’t forget to always offer the best quality content you can give. To make the post engaging, ask a question at the end of the post.
  • Be active in communities. Engage in discussions, comment, respond to people. Avoid short comments, though. Build relationships with people, so that they will ultimately want to share your posts.
  • Don’t self-promote in all your posts. Only 20% of your content should be promotional. The rest of the posts should educate and entertain. We all have that annoying person in our contacts, who always shares his promotional stuff. Don’t be that guy.
  • Add Open Graph. This allows you to see on Google who is the author on a certain webpage and if you have an e-commerce google will add price details and even the reviews score in search results. It also gives you other details, such as a headshot of the author, a link to his Google+ profile, the circles he’s in, and most importantly, more results about the author.

Prevention tips

  • In order to have an ongoing connection with your audience on Google Plus, you need to be consistent. Provide your readers and potential readers with the same quality content you did until this point.
  • Basically, what you need to do to maintain your shares coming, is to follow the guidelines above.

Do you use Google Plus for your business? What are your tips so that people share your content?

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