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What is SEO Content?

Now that you’ve written your articles, you need to make sure they get found by people and by search engines. What you need to do is to make sure you optimize your articles. You need your articles to get 100% SEO. But what is SEO content? SEO means search engine optimization, so it is the process of optimizing a website so that people can find it easier by using search engines, such as Google. Therefore, SEO content is content (any type of information which exists on the web) with the purpose of gaining search engine traffic.

Why is it important to optimize your articles?

As I’ve said, if you want your articles to be found by search engines and humans, and to be read and bring traffic to your website, you need to optimize them. If they are not viewed, then why did you write them in the first place? Optimizing your articles also sends a clear idea on what your articles are about. Not only will the search engines start to recognize you as an authority in your field, but people will find out more easily what they are looking for.

If your articles are not optimized both for search engines and humans, you might be losing potential traffic, you might be lacking in authority on the Internet and your great content might not make a statement, because it goes around unheard-off. So, what can you do to fix this problem?

How to optimize your articles

Now that you’ve spotted the problem it’s high time you fixed it. I suggest you get creative and fix it fast and easy, by using a Content Optimization Tool.

Squirrly SEO WordPress Plugin is the only Content Optimization Tool that helps you optimize your content both for search engines and humans. That’s why it’s so creative, valuable and inspirational. In the long run it will show you the results of what optimization can do, as on average, optimized articles get at least +285% traffic, than the ones that are not optimized.

What to do:

Optimize your articles for keywords or key-phrases.

This is essential both for humans and for search engines, because it makes it clear what your article is about.

  • First, do keyword research. Find and choose a keyword that is in trend and searched by potential clients or readers. You need to check out if there are chances to get ahead of the competition for that keyword. I suggest you use the Squirrly Keyword Research. You’ll get important information on the keyword you optimize for: social intelligence, trend, competition, possibility to outrank competition, average number of people searching for that keyword.
  • Finally, optimize your keyword or keyphrase. The Squirrly software gives you a report with the best keywords to use, by showing you the authority of your site and how popular the keyword you’ve researched is.

Optimize your titles. Make them color with green: Google Friendly

  • Include your keywords in the title
  • Make sure the title is between 10-75 chars. As the Squirrly Tool suggests, this is the major length on the majority of search engines.
  • To optimize your articles you need to make sure that the title is different from domain name.
  • If your titles are optimized, all the tabs will be made green by your Squirrly SEO Live Assistant.

Optimize your content. Make it Human Friendly and Google Friendly.

  • Use keywords in content. Squirrly SEO Live Assistant will help you optimize your articles while you are writing them, so keep an eye on when to use keywords and how many times.
  • Bold one of the keywords, so as to make your content Google Friendly.
  • Optimize Headlines. You need to include the keyword/key-phrase in at least one headline. Write your headlines clear and concise and try to attract people’s attention with them, because many people only skim articles, and the first thing that appeals to them is headlines.
  • Use images in content and optimize them by using the keyword in the TITLE and ALT TEXT.
  • Use the keyword in the conclusion of your article.
  • If you fulfill all these goals, your Squirrly Life Assistant will let you know that you achieve 100% SEO and all your tabs will be green.

So, this is how you can optimize your articles both for search engines and humans. If you’d like to take a look at the top 10 WordPress SEO plugins that can help you optimize articles, here’s an infographic. May your articles be 100% SEO.

NagyPaul Sorel

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