Alexa Inbound Links

16 Feb 2018

What are Alexa Links?

They represent the number of sites that link to your website. If 10 sites do that, then your score will be 10. The number of Alexa links does not represent the whole number of links from all domains. It only represents the number of domains that link to you.

Why are these links important?

Even though they may seem kind of a let down, these links show you exactly how many sites are talking about you. This is a good thing, because you will have an exact evidence of your authority. You obviously don’t want the same website or websites linking back to you. You definitely want to expand, and become more popular.

Unlike Alexa Links, Google and Yahoo will count several links that come from the same domain as unique.

How to increase Alexa Inbound Links

First, you need to expand the number of blogs you read and comment on. If in your list there are only 20 blogs you visit constantly, then your chances of getting more Alexa Links are really small.

Guest posting is another great way of putting yourself out there. But again, you need to start guest posting on other blogs as well, so that more people will get to know you, and your website. Here is a great article that explains more about the opportunities guest blogging can bring you.

As long as you make a goal to find new blogs to read, comment, and guest post on, you will soon notice that your Alexa Links will increase, as long as you do it regularly, of course.

How can Squirrly help you

If you’re new to guest blogging, you can begin by trying out our WordPress SEO Plugin. It’s really easy to use, and it guides your steps while you’re typing your content. Also, it’s a great tool to use, if you don’t know much about SEO.

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