Inbound Links

26 Feb 2018

How many inbound links do you have?

 If you want to improve your search engine rankings you should gain links. Not any kind of links help you, as poor quality ones don’t have the same effect.

Inboundlinks are links on other websites that point to your site. They’re vital because search engines use them to judge the importance, authority and reputation of your website. A website with many links, from many domains and high quality is more important, trustworthy and has more authority in the Internet world.

What’s your problem with inbound links?

Now, the best situation is to have many links from many domains, which means that your site spreads fast and is trusted. Many websites link to you because you have become an authority in your domain, you have high ranking and your content is useful and valuable. So, you have built a “name” for yourself.

The second possibility is that you have few links from few domains, in which case you have a problem. You have either bought all those links, so that you are not trusted, people don’t really know about you, but you struggle to reach break through, or you’ve submitted to free directories on the internet. This is not a winning strategy.

The third possibility is that you have a lot of links from few domains. This either happens because you’ve bought those domains, or submitted to free link directories, which doesn’t really help you, because again not the people know about you and link to you, but some “virtual” bots, or you have managed to gain a bit of trust in few domains and they constantly link to you, which is good. Now all you need to do is to learn how to spread further.

The fourth possibility is that you have few links from a lot of domains. Now this is not that bad, actually. You’ve already spread news about you in a lot of domains, so what you need to do is to find out why the inboundlinks are so few. Why don’t people mention you more, or embed or share what you do?

How to increase your inbound links

There are many strategies to build high-quality inbound links:

  • Find Broken Links. It’s really simple, all you need to do is find pages with links related to your niche, market or business, and find the broken links on that page. You can use a free software like Screaming Frog. Let the site owners know of their problems and offer one of your links as replacement.
  • I’ve already talked to you about free link directories. If you can find paid directories, which are also high quality, that’s great. Try Best of the WebThe Yahoo! DirectoryFamily Friendly Sites, and JoeAnt.
  • Make the most of Guest Posting/Blogging. If you know what you’re doing and can submit high-quality content, guest blogging is a great strategy for link building.
  • Submitting for Press Releases is also great, but some can be quite expensive (PRWeb). However, if you want to submit a PR, make sure the site you submit to is Google News approved. You can try, which is great and low-cost, you invest only about $2.
  • Infographics tend to go viral. You can already have a design team that can do it for you, so basically it won’t cost you as much as hiring a professional to do just that.
These are a few steps you can take to improve the number of your inbound links. If you want to find out more check this site out: 11 link building strategies that won’t break the bank. Hope you’ve found this useful!
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