Link Building

26 Feb 2018

What is link building?

Link building is a process that helps you acquire as many backlinks as you can from other websites. It is like a referral of someone you like, and trust. If other people recommend your website, you will be seen as someone with authority. Links matter when Google decides how to rank your page, hence it matters for your SEO strategy.

Why is link building important?

First of all, it brings you exposure. If more people talk about you, or link back to your website, more people will find out about you. Higher rankings in organic search results are due to effective link building.

Majestic SEO has the largest link map at the time of writing of any commercial dataset.

How to increase backlinks

Creating content that is useful for your readers will naturally contribute to more inbound links, because people will share it, and tell their friends about it. Submissions are a great way to get other websites to link back to you. You can submit news about your website to press releases, or to directories. Getting in touch with influential bloggers is also a good idea. You can present your product/service to them, and ask them to write about it, if they’re interested. Moz also talked about the definition, and the type of backlinks.

Here is a video of Matt Cutts explaining what are some effective ways for link building.

How can Squirrly help you?

If you decided to create some awesome content for backlinks, then your articles should be SEO. Try our WordPress SEO Plugin to optimize your articles, and also measure their success. Understanding SEO has never been easier.

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