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26 Feb 2018

Search engine optimization is the number one priority of every website. If you’re reading this article, then you probably have an issue you want to fix, and you don’t know how. Search engines come up with new rules every once in a while, so if you want your website to rank high, you need to keep up with these changes. Today, I’ll teach you what is a canonical link, why it’s important for your website’s optimization, and how to fix this issue.

What is a canonical URL?

The canonical element helps webmasters tell search engines where to find the original canonical copy of a webpage. What does that mean? It means that it eliminates duplicate links of the same content, which leads to a better ranking. Here is a video that explains more about it.

Why is it important to include it in your website?

The canonical link element can be used by a webpage where the same content can be found in multiple places. By adding the HTML description, you will inform search engines which is the original link of your content. This element is pretty important, if you want your website to be search engine optimized. If you don’t use it, then search engines won’t know which link to rank in results, which version to exclude or include from their indices, or how to direct the link metrics. This leads to traffic loss, and low search engine ranking.

How to add the canonical link element in your website

Here is an example of how this element should look:

<link rel=”canonical” href=”url” />

The canonical element can only link to a webpage that has the same domain name. For more information on how to use the canonical link properly, you can read this article, where you’ll also find examples. Google support gives some great examples of how you can use a canonical element to direct your homepage to the link of your choice.

How can Squirrly help you

We’ve created ContentLook to help you fix the optimization issues your website might have. Once you fix the canonical link issue, you can move on to other aspects. Our WordPress plugin can also help you with optimizing your articles for SEO. And if you can’t find your inspiration to write articles, we can do it for you, plus manage your social media channels.

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