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Search Engines are really smart, and can detect a lot of features on your website, so that it ranks really well in results. One of these important features is referring to the site language. In this article, I will explain to you what this is, and how you can use it in your benefit.

In ContentLook we tell you if you might have forgotten to specify the language of your website or if you’ve forgotten to specify for which audience your content is intended.

For example, you can have a text written in English, but which is intended for Spanish people, such as teaching English as a foreign language. So, specifying the site language is really important.

What is Site Language?

The Meta Language Tag is used to explain to the users in what language the indexed documents were written. Also, it helps search engines determine which languages are supported. This is useful for you to have if your website uses multiple languages.

Why is it important to add the Meta Language Tag on your website?

Site language is important, because Search Engines detect the language that was used for writing the website. This also increases the chances of your website’s understanding, and its regional importance. For example, if you want to translate a webpage with Google Translate, it will make the translation as accurate as possible.

How to add the meta language tag on your website?

You need to add the following meta tag in the HTML source of your page: <meta name=“language” content=”language”>. If your website has pages in different languages, by adding different tags you will be able to adjust the language to a specific country. Also, you shouldn’t add this tag only on your first index page.


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