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What is Page Authority?

“Page Authority is Contentlook’s calculated metric for how well a given webpage is likely to rank in’s search results”. It collects data from the social media, google analytics and inbound links. While Domain Authority measures the strength of an entire domain, Page Authority only measures the ranking of a single page. You can find the metrics incorporated in many SEO and online marketing platforms.

Why is it important?

It’s important, because it shows search engines which links are more powerful than others. For example, when someone searches the web for a particular subject, in the results he will have may options to choose from, especially if there are more websites that wrote about the same subject. If the page authority of your link is high, your link will appear in the first results on search engines.

How can you improve your Page Authority?

The only way you can improve your Page Authority score is to work on your overall SEO efforts. A tip would be to increase the number of people that link your webpage onto theirs, as long as they are trusted as well. The metrics weren’t meant to be influenced directly, but rather to compare competition between websites on Google search.

How can Squirrly help you?

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