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Do you get many web page shares?

When you write awesome content, you want it to go viral, you want people to hear about it, click on it and read it. If they become your followers after reading it, that’s even better. You also want that awesome webpage, blog post or article (any piece of content) to be very shared. If it’s embedded somewhere, mentioned in press releases or linked to, it means more people will hear about it and come to subscribe to your site. So, there’s only pluses when it comes to sharing. So, do you get many web page shares?

Why is page sharing important?

Search engines now include the strength of a link in social media as a ranking factor. Strength is measured by calculating the number of times that piece of content is shared, tweeted, liked, and posted on social media. So, a higher rank is achieved by having many shares.

Now, this is also important if you want to become “a name” or an authority in a certain domain. The more webpage shares you get, the more will people hear about you and will start linking to your posts and mentioning you in their content.

Page sharing, done right, with the proper means and strategies, is great for raising awareness, standing out and building trust.

How to increase your web page shares

First things first. Write content that is valuable and appealing. Remember: quality over quantity! If people will find what you offer interesting, valuable and useful, it’s only natural that they will want to follow you and become loyal to your site.

Now, let’s take a look at some awesome strategies to mix in your content:

  • To increase your webpage shares, use images that look good. Great design is a form of social proof and it makes people trust you and also like you enough to share your page. People like looking at something nice, rather than spending a lot of time reading about it. Visuals is what attracts them.
  • Use videos. This is a great tip, because nowadays people prefer looking at a 3-minute “how-to…” video, than reading lines after lines of explanations.
  • Infographics tend to go viral and get a lot of shares.
  • Make your content easy to be edited or changed, because when sharing it on social media, people also like to include their personal opinion over what you said.
  • Create a sense of urgency and curiosity.

Strategies for social media:

  • On your site, add Follow Me Buttons and Share Buttons, but don’t clutter them. Decide what social networks suit you: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
  • Make professional Social Media accounts.
  • Ask for retweets, because by including “please RT” (or “please Retweet”) you are more likely to be shared.
  • Build a network. Connect to influencers and engage on social media. Keep your network alive.
  • Engage with your readers: ask for their opinion, help, run contests.
  • Get subscribers and collect emails.

How can Squirrly help you?

If you have WordPress, the SEO Analytics by Squirrly is just what you need. It displays social signals per article, showing you how much people liked reading it. Once per week you receive an email with the improvement of your website.

So, this is how you can increase your web page shares. Hope you’ve found it useful!

NagyPaul Sorel

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