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26 Feb 2018

Do you use “Follow me” Buttons on your site?

If you have a site, blog, online profile or business, you’d naturally want to become an authority in your domain, to be the person/business/site that people return to and spread the news about.

In order to do this you must engage on social media and let people become your supporters, fans, and loyal clients. In other words, you want followers, and people can become followers by means of “Follow me” Buttons.

When started, everybody was saying that they needed to place such buttons on their website, so that people should actually reach their FB and Twitter profiles.

Today it has gone even further than that, because now you need to send people to all your social media accounts, to everything that is regarding your business’ activity.

What are Follow Buttons?

Social Media Follow Buttons are nice icons that link your site to social media networks. Even though they seem like such a small thing, Social Media Buttons help make the brand experience engaging, interesting, and useful for your audience.

Think of a newspaper you like to read, or a brand you want to hear about, or a TV channel you always tune into. You can subscribe for the newspaper, for the brand’s news-feed and even for the TV channel. “Follow me” buttons work in the same way in the web world.

We live in a social network era, so what you wish for in order to achieve success and be known, is to engage your customers and make them interact even on a day to day basis.

You want them to return to your site and to become loyal to you.

Think of a random visitor: they land on your page, read through and walk away to the next website, but a follower will return yet again. In the long run, gaining followers is the key to success.

Why are Follow Buttons important?

The social buttons that link your site to your social media profiles are extremely useful for being better found on search engines, because they increase the strength of your social signals.

Basically by doing this, search engines get to know for sure what your social profiles are, they “see” that you are active on social media and they will reward you for that (which makes sense, because it means that you are active and relevant for your audience).

As I’ve said, they’re so great because with only a click you get more fans and loyal clients and this is exactly what you want.

Take a look at our video for a more vivid description of “Follow me” buttons and why to use them. You’ll also understand the difference between these buttons and the share ones.

How to add “Follow me” buttons

You can add Follow Buttons by using a catch-all service such as AddThis. It’s a popular sharing platform, with a huge list of services users can share through. You can customize the interface, you can choose small or large icons for your buttons, and where to be placed: Custom, Header, Horizontal, Vertical.

Remember to connect Follow Buttons to your website and to connect your website to them, because this will show Google that you are a very serious company, that you actually care about people and that you are active. So, they will display you much higher in search results.

Where to place Follow Buttons?

According to you should try not to clutter a lot of social media follow buttons, but stick to the ones you need and know that will be used. You should also opt for placing them at the header of the page as most visitors focus on this part of the webpage, but never opt for the footer.

So this is what you need to know about Follow me Buttons and how to add them to your site. Hope you found this useful!

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