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26 Feb 2018

What does social shareability mean?

Social shares are becoming the New SEO. They show you how many times a link has been shared, hence the fact that people found that piece of information valuable to them. Social media plays a huge role in sharing quality content.

Why are social shares important?

If you increase your social shares, you will improve your SEO and you’ll get found better on search engines. Every form of social interaction between readers and your site (social signal) is important to making your site look authoritative. Besides that, social shareability will increase the visibility of your website.

How to improve your social shareability

  • Provide quality content. No matter how hard you struggle to share your content on social media channels, people won’t share it back, unless it’s good content.
  • Write intriguing headlines. How many times have you clicked on a link that had an intriguing title? That’s what you want people’s reaction to be. You want them to wonder what is the article about, and actually click on it to read it.
  • Add share buttons. Share buttons are one of the easiest and best ways to get your content shared on social media channels. In this age where people are bombarded with information, the little time saved by a social sharing button is precious to keeping the attention of visitors and making them to actually share your content.
  • Add Pin It buttons. This button is great to use, especially if you have a lot of visual content on your website.
  • Create embed codes for your infographics. It’s a good practice to create visual content, like infographics, because people are more likely to share it.

These are the most important things you need to keep in mind when you want to work on improving your social shareability.

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