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26 Feb 2018

<h2>What is Twitter activity?</h2>
Think of Twitter as many SMS messages which are being sent very often back and forth throughout the day, and people read them in real time. This means that if one of your readers logs in at 7 PM, and you haven’t tweeted since 10 AM, it’s pretty sure they’ll forget you were even on Twitter that day. 10 Tweets / day would be hated on Facebook or Google+, but on Twitter 10 tweets / day is just as it should be.
<h2>Why is Twitter activity important?</h2>
With over 200 million people using Twitter everyday, this social media network proves to be a powerful tool for your business. Being active on Twitter will bring you many benefits. First of all, you will be able to connect with your customers, and build a relationship with them. Also, this is the place where you can find new clients. If people check out your profile, and see that you are active, and that you post interesting stuff, they will be more likely to follow you, you will get your followers to share your content, and ultimately they will become your customers. Also, you can use Twitter to get feedback from your customers, and track what people are saying about you or your company. You can use the TweetDeck to schedule the tweets that go out throughout the day, so that you won’t get overwhelmed by having to post so much all the time.
<h2>How to improve your Twitter activity</h2>
<li><strong>Include a text in your tweet.</strong> Even though it’s great to start discussions on Twitter, it’s preferable that you include a link to your statement. It can be a link to an article on your website, or an article that someone else wrote – it doesn’t really matter. It’s a good practice not to talk about yourself or your business all the time.</li>
<li><strong>Use social mentions.</strong> Many companies use tools that track what people write about them. If you tweet a piece of information that you think would help or be interesting to someone you know, use a social mention to get their attention.  <strong> </strong></li>
<li><strong>Engage in conversations.</strong> Interact with your followers, comment on what they post. The more you interact with people on Twitter, the higher are the chances of them coming back, and check out what you have to offer.</li>
Maintaining an increased <strong>Twitter activity</strong> is not hard, you just have to be consistent, and put some time into it.
<h2>How can Squirrly help you?</h2>
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