Fast and Curious: 3 Easy Ways to Find Relevant Courses inside Education Cloud PLUS

Over 40 different courses are waiting to be discovered inside Education Cloud PLUS.

That’s more than the number of toppings I usually pile onto my pizza. (and trust me, that’s saying something)

But don’t worry; that doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend hours deciding which courses to learn from next.

Here are 3 quick and easy ways to find relevant courses that match your specific learning goals:

1. Use the filters from All Courses 

The built-in filters will help you quickly sort through all courses and find the ones that match your current interests, goals, and skill level.

Want to build your social media marketing skills?

Simply use the “Social Media” filter and find the perfect courses to help you level up your game.

And if you’re someone who loves video courses, then you’ll be happy to hear that we have a filter just for that.

In addition to Skills and course Format, you can also narrow down your options by Topic, difficulty Level, and even Author.

Pretty neat, right?

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2. Take a Quiz! 

Here’s how this works:

Go to Quizzes, pick a quiz and start answering questions. Submit your answers, and you’ll instantly see how well you scored.

Based on your quiz scores, our Learning Assistant will then suggest which courses you should take next to build up your skills and mastery level.

It’s like a recommendation engine that helps you develop a custom learning strategy.

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3. Browse the Discover section

By browsing the Discover section, you’ll can get a feel for what’s most popular on the platform right now.

You’ll see top course recommendations from both fellow learners AND marketing pros who teach on the platform.

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🔎 Find Your Next Favorite Course 

With these three options, you can find the perfect course faster than it takes to spell Poughkeepsie – and without having to browse through all the titles.

Give them a try and see how it goes!

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