How to Tweak Your Mind to Write Engaging Content Like a Ninja

Have you ever sat down to write engaging content and started feeling like your mind was going a thousand miles an hour? You can’t stop thinking about the gallon of milk you need to pick up before dinner, the bill you need to pay before noon, the emails sitting and waiting for a response, what your next product is going to be etc.

Engaging Content Needs a Focused Mind

In order to succeed at content marketing and SEO, you have to tweak your mind a certain way. You need to work around mental blocks, completely removing all thoughts, worries and distractions from your subconscious mind. Only after doing this will you be able to psychologically trigger the creative part of your brain to kick in.


Mental Blocks

Mental blocks occur when you repress thoughts or aren’t able to maintain your train of thought. It’s those times when you just can’t focus no matter what you do. Disabilities, illness and exhaustion further exacerbate this state of mind.

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Here’s how you can do it:


This is a very quick fix. Do it effectively and you’ll find yourself being able to write again. Just keep in mind that it’s only a temporary solution that allows you to create engaging content. By no means will it solve your problems permanently. There’s three steps to this technique:

1)  Visualization – Take a few minutes and even close your eyes if it helps. Envision taking all of the things that are racing around in your mind and putting them into a box. Go through each distraction, one at a time. [bctt tweet=”Clearly visualize removing them from your brain and putting them in this box.”]

2) Now focus on all the feelings swarming around in your head. Don’t attempt to analyze them. Just remove them and put them in the box along with your distracting thoughts. Really focus on doing this. If you put some in and still feel like something’s distracting you, go through the process of envisioning yourself literally removing them from your head and putting them in this box.

3) The Zone – Now that you’ve boxed up your distracting thoughts and feelings, your mind is able to focus on creating some engaging content. You’re ready to begin brainstorming and writing.

Psychological Triggers

engaging content

Psychological triggers are powerful suggestions. They’re carefully crafted words that inspire, captivate, motivate and excite you. This is what you need for engaging content. As you write, tweak your article so that it invokes emotion and/or action from the reader. There are three very successful psychological triggers that are excellent for content marketing:

The first one is curiosity. Engaging content strikes curiosity so that the reader is moved to subscribe, purchase or contact you after reading.

The second psychological trigger is when you surpass mediocrity in your title, subheads and facts. For example, the title of this article would be semi-interesting if it were simply titled: “Dealing With Writer’s Block.’  This doesn’t surpass mediocrity, nor does it strike any curiosity. [bctt tweet=”Hearing a phrase like ‘mind tweak’ is far more attention grabbing.”]

The third one has to do with dangling that carrot…but forget the carrot!  Dangle a diamond! To do this, you provide them with valuable information that gives them an immediate solution, but also leaves them desperate to learn more from you.

Tweaking your mind so you can write engaging content is a skill that you can develop if you follow these steps. The more you practice, the more your business will grow. In the meantime, do you need help writing content for your business? We can show you how to get 300 readers for every article you publish and we’ll do this for free.

At Squirrly, we’re the experts and are here to help you grow and expand your business to be what you’ve always wanted it to be. Contact us today and we’ll put you on the path to providing engaging content for your audience, while also helping you take a breather to get back on the inspiration train.



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