Facebook Changed their API. What this Means for You as a Squirrly Social User

Facebook changed their API.

As you may know, Facebook is currently sued by many entities, including the State of California over many of their practices.

In response to some of those, they have pushed an un-expected API change for Facebook Pages.

We’ve worked super fast to build our new token system.

The good news: they’ve made it so Pages no longer have expiring connections.

With their new API, we could create a better token system, so you will not have to keep re-connecting every two months.

Happy New Year! Seems like 2021 is coming big on changes.

Our dev team for Squirrly Social had to push v2.0 of Squirrly Social on the 30th Of Dec 2020, to make sure we comply with some new European regulations that were coming into effect on Jan 2021.

The app is now mobile friendly and I’ve already used Squirrly Social from my mobile phones.

For now, please re-connect your Facebook Pages.

I will return with more updates about v2.0 soon (and we might have a new Instagram connection powered by our partnership with Zapier by the end of Jan 2021; since v2.0 is now out, this other step shouldn’t take much longer).



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