Find out how marketing automation is going now a days [Infographic]

05 Apr 2014
| Last update: 05 Jun 2020
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Lately, I found one very interesting infographic about how the marketing automation trends are going. Our friends from Marketo blog and marketing automation researchers at Software Advice, have a very cute robot to explain how things actually work in the online work with all this task. Here are a few ideas about what people are searching on this topic.

Concrete data about marketing automation

  • The majority of buyers (91%) were evaluating marketing automation software for the first time, with 48% of buyers currently managing marketing activities with CRM software.
  • Lead nurturing topped the list of desired capabilities (ahead of marketing analytic and lead scoring), with 40% of buyers requesting this feature.
  • 50% of buyers had fewer than 50 employees in their company (15% had 500 or more)

State of Marketing Automation Trends 2014

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