Beating the Writer’s Block by Focusing on Human Optimization

09 Oct 2013
| Last update: 10 Apr 2017
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We all had one of those days when as much as we’d like, no topic to write about comes to mind. Our creative brain can only stress about how our content didn’t touch our milestones in Human optimization (the term we use when referring to optimizing content for Humans). We start looking through our core keywords and they seem so distant and they don’t trigger any incentive.

Writer’s block for Bloggers

When you’re facing a block, stressing your SEO instead of  Human optimization can be counter-productive. Take a break, read something outside of your field and relax. Sometimes if you focus too much on one thing, nothing new or productive comes out of it. So take a step back from your work. But hey, you have to stay relevant in people’s memory and you can’t do that by slacking off.

A few ideas are to try something different when nothing new comes to mind. Like spending more time on social media and researching more affiliated subjects to add to your site. Juggle your content.

human optimization writer's block

Share an idea not a post

Open you twitter account and write one valuable idea. The great thing is that you are limited to 140 characters. See the reaction of your followers and community. That conversation can trigger the idea you need for a post and it can be a great step in achieving Human optimization. Interacting with people interested in your field is the best thing you can do when all the ideas for new posts have flown away. They (the people you engage with on Twitter) can actually make you aware of information they need; concepts you can better explain to them. This vital information will only come from them. No SEO tool, nor your analysis can determine that .

Research trends on social media for better Human optimization

If you can’t write today, you can research what others are writing. Find out how people use keywords and which one of them is the most popular this week. Human optimization can be obtained by researching their interests and attitude. Make sure you know which Facebook post on your official page was the most viewed, liked and shared. Create an infographic or a video based on it. If people loved the article they will certainly enjoy sharing the multimedia file.

Asking for feedback

Better Human optimization is also obtained by people talking about you online, so generate some discussions. Ask a question on Quora or in an active community in Google plus. You can be specific in some situations where there is a community of people that read and appreciate you. You can ask them to tell you what would they like to read about on your blog. On other groups you can find out the latest concerns in the field you work in (or a new field in which you want to enter).

Recap an Influencer

Start your post based on an influencer’s article or on an important person’s quote. This is important and can help you reach a bigger target of people. They know the quote or heard about the person, and that’s what determines them to come on your site. It is also a great way to come up with content. The main idea is there and you can reiterate it, recap it or compare it to your field. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion with the world.

Writer’s block is the thing we dread the most. But when facing it we need to find a way of not falling behind. Your most important task is to write but never forget who you are writing for. Take this time to understand Human optimization better.