Fourth Week at Squirrly Academy

30 Jun 2014
| Last update: 06 Apr 2017
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As the Fourth week started our student were back in front of their computers ready for actions and learning how to make content marketing work for them at the Squirrly Academy. The third week was focused on choosing the best topics for the audience they target and building content that appeals to them. Getting to the middle of the 3 module our students learn how content can be an done with less effort.

The final chapters of the Squirrly Academy

Last week Florin left us at understanding how an infrastructure for our idea generation can actually be able to capture more ideas and do more with less content. This week we started out with the second part of this lecture. Here the students must get to understand themselves better in order to know which are the sources of inspiration for the content on your site. Another aspect that is important for the Squirrly Academy is to change the way you perceive your work in order to keep yourself motivated. Which will be needed when having a blog or site as the results won’t appear over night.

In the 20 lecture we found that little insignificant things like headline generators can be the ones that give you what it takes to get out of the box with your ideas. That doesn’t mean that you should use the direct result from them but the random associations they make can trigger you a great idea. In the Squirrly Academy course you can also find a short list of these kind of sites you can use when you run out of ideas for your niche.squirrly academy

The next lesson was based on an article I actually wrote a while ago. It refers to 6 actionable tasks you can perform in order for your productivity to get even better. You will need this in order to keep yourself up to date with all the information and news in the industries you are interested. It will also help you do the things that make the most of the difference. If you want to find out how to make them work just go to the Squirrly Academy.

In the 22th lecture, Florin talks about how to establish a better work-flow. Our students understood that each planned step will make them know how to get things done faster and be able to have a continues process that connects their work, day in and day out. It also explains how content marketing includes the aspects you need to do before you create a piece of content and afterwards.

The next course at the Squirrly Academy tries to make students understand that there is also a person, a human that they try to impress and convince. Regardless if you have a B2C or a B2B company. This lecture offered a list of 7 concrete tips that can be used when starting up with content creation that needs to relate with the audience.

The 7th lesson of the 3th module is about being on alert in order to obtain a better process of idea generation. The Squirrly Academy presentation included ways in which to be sure that your intellect and mind are never drained out of ideas. This is a great way to keep your mind open to new and great concepts and actually come up with them yourself.

Lesson 8 thought our students how to keep themselves in the top of the news for their industry. A few of them have been presented but the first is one my favorites. Alltop is a great help in order to stay on top of your industry and come up with topics that are fresh. The topics given in this lecture will also help to make it all more time efficient.

And the end note of the Squirrly Academy was the presentation of the Inspiration box. It can have a million applications for working bloggers like our students. In the last module our students can find bonus written files that will help them apply all the information that they found in all the lectures.

Saying goodbye is hard

And this is how the last week ended. I am glad to see such a larger number of students at the course and hope that most of them will become readers of our blog. And because it is every hard to say goodbye I recommend to our students to start using Squirrly so we can keep in touch. And for all of you out there try out the course as well you can find on Udemy.

Have you been a student of the Squirrly Academy ? Are tempted to become ? Can wait to hear about it in the comment section.

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