Go ahead and Connect Instagram

10 Oct 2018
| Last update: 22 Apr 2019

Instagram has been available inside the platform for 1 month already!

You can go ahead and connect Instagram to your Squirrly Social account right away. It’s super easy to do with our Buffer integration. (images down below. scroll)

It’s over 1 month since we made this available on the platform. See our first post to the Instagram of Squirrly Company here.

WordPress, RSS, Feedly, Google Chrome Button extension integrations: available since July 2018.

You can have everything new that you post to WordPress be automatically sent out to your social media profiles with Squirrly Social.

You won’t even have to click a single thing. Everything will be done automatically.

We use Zapier for all of these integrations. Everything from Zapier can be made to send to your Content Planner inside Squirrly Social (meaning: sent to your profiles, under your own rules). In a Flash. Without any clicks.

RSS, Feedly, even Google Chrome button.

Read this guide to learn how to set EVERYTHING up: from the Zapier account to getting access to Squirrly Social’s own Zapier app.

You set these up once, then reap the benefits for over one year.

Allow images to be displayed inside this email and see how to get Instagram inside your Squirrly Social account:

First: go to buffer.com and get a FREE account


Now go to your Squirrly Social account:

You’ll just need to connect your Buffer account to your Squirrly Social account

Select Buffer Profile:

once you select it, you’ll gain access to EVERYTHING you have in Buffer.


Helpful Videos:

we’ve recently made 3 videos to help you use Squirrly Social better.

Have a great time using Squirrly Social:

Have a great time automating your social media activity.