Guest Blogging – part of the inbound marketing master plan

It is generally accepted that Guest Blogging is one of the steps that should be included in any business that has an inbound marketing strategy. This concept helps you achieve your target and establish what and for whom you write. Because you have to explain it better to other people and make that the criteria by which you choose the posts you will publish.

Why guest blogging ?

When you give people the possibility to add to the content of your blog it shows that you do care about the information your customers get and not just about your product. This makes you more trustworthy for your future clients. In the end people are most of the time, on the internet searching for information, even on Twitter people primarily follow information sources. Concentrating on content and data, it actually portraits you as a valuable source of information, a site that will be revisited and a company that spreads information.
In this video you will find more reasons to try Guest Blogging on your own site.

A second reason is that it cuts down the amount of work your content team has to spend on creating new and valuable articles that will fit in your inbound marketing strategy. This gives them the opportunity to focus on other aspects of the master plan. Of course it doesn’t cut down the time off totally because someone has to choose which articles to include in the blog and which are spam or just not worth it.

You can also get in contact with a guest blogging service that can suggest a writer that can do one or more posts. Most bloggers love to post content on other sites as part of their own inbound marketing strategy. When posting they get backlinks that are useful for their own blog ranking. It also gives the opportunity to write for a new audience and they get to be better known in the industry. The great thing for you is that they will still promote their work even if it’s on your site and that will also bring a few new potential customers.

How to find Guest bloggers that fit in your inbound marketing plan?

If you have an interesting blog as part of your site, there will always be people that will try to persuade you to let them write an article. But rather then waiting until people notice you, let them know you are open to the concept.

Create a Write for us page.

There you can establish a clear description of what the articles should be about. You can also include a short description of the categories of people they will be writing for. This will ensure that the materials that you receive fit in your inbound marketing plan. You should also include an email address and how they can apply. You can ask for the full article up front or just a presentation. Specify the dimensions of the pictures you want them to send to be included in the post. This will simply the work of fitting everything to your personal design.

Use guest blog “dating sites”

Sites like My Blog Guest or PostRunner are focusing on sites that need guest posts and bloggers that want to create content and receive backlinks. Not all user on this sites will provide great content so make sure you trust the writing skills of the bloggers you choose. There are many good ones that frequently come to these kind of sites. It’s more easier this way, because you write to a community that is searching for these opportunities. Present your request, wait for people to apply and then choose the one you believe will get you the inbound marketing juice.

Too much pudding may choke the dog

Even if guest blogging goes great don’t forget to create your own content. People might appreciate that you are open minded and want to promote great content on your site but they need to see that you are still present there. Don’t let guest post take to much space. This is a good inbound marketing strategy but like most things if you do it too much it’s going to have a negative effect. So don’t let your audience think your letting others decide on what your content is . It might make them think you don’t actually care or have any new valuable information.

If you spend too much time away from writing content you will find it hard to select the right articles for your inbound marketing plan as well. The people you wrote for at first and you engaged with, won’t appreciate you abandoning them to a group of new guest bloggers.So don’t overdo it with guest posts.

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Don’t forget that in the end you are the owner and the one that decided what happens in your site. Your audience is searching for you there, make sure they will always find you in the latest articles.



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