Having fun with content marketing and SEO games

We might be in the content marketing field but we still enjoy a good laugh and a little fun. Do you remember the old pixel games like Donkey Kong ? I do used to play them all the time. When I discovered the SEO games with Matt Cutts it was clear it deserved a post in our site. But then again what other silly games like this one are there out there on the internet? So I’ll mention a few ways to take a short break from your work with this little SEO games.

The first SEO game

For all us in the content marketing industry and it will be a funny game. It features Matt Cutts that spits different witty lines at your. To win the game you need to establish a better page rank. You are attacked by Google’s updates. You have to jump over the pandas and penguins in order to get upper on the lathers toward a worthy site.

content marketing game

The social media signals help you achieve a better position in the content marketing game. The black hat and white hat SEO are also fun. The funniest part is how the engaging content is presented in the with the help of the Gangnam style song. You can also get the SEO hammer in order to get read of all the updates coming your way.

I’m sure if the game player’s avatar should resemble some of the industry’s experts but I do feel that two of them look like Rank Fishkin and Neil Patel. Still a fun content marketing game that will make your break be relaxing with the laugh you are having.

Other Social Media and Content Marketing games

Unfortunately not many more games connected to the industry for a little fun. Unfortunately Sociopoly has not been really designed yet. From this point of view the content marketing industry could be a bit jealous of the advertising field that had numerous app games connected to their field. Kids can learn how to create product packaging, brochures and many more. Some people thought about create card game as well.

In the marketing world there a few simulation games on Facebook that teach you how to grow your business. Like Big business and Market Landunfortunately this ones not mention the content marketing aspect of the a businesses growth process in today’s world. As an entrepreneur you can also amuse yourself with the Go Venture Board Game.

The fun and games

The absolute great thing about the content marketing game from netvoucherscodes is that it integrates people we interact and listen to each day. It also uses concepts we all know. A great spin I hope they aren’t the last ones to design such a game cause I have lot of fun with it.

Have to tried out ? Did you like this content marketing game ? 



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