Your Team Needs To Read This Because Indexing Tweets Is Now A Real Thing

27 Apr 2015
| Last update: 26 Oct 2016

The Agreement For Indexing Tweets Between Google & Twitter

There’s a new agreement between Google and Twitter that will lead to tweets showing up in search results. Google has been able to access Twitter data for indexing tweets before, but their contract expired in mid 2011. Since then, there’s been no official agreement between the two parties.

Until now, according to Stone Temple Consulting, less than 8% of all tweets showed up in search results. Because of this very low percentage only Twitter profiles with a very high number of followers(10.000+) were likely to be indexed. Hopefully, in the very near future, this will change and help a larger percentage of the population have their tweets show up in Google search results.

The new deal will result in a significant increase in the indexing of tweets. This means you can use this to increase your presence in Google’s SERPs. Google’s main reason for making this deal is most likely to access Twitter data more easily. The data will be obtained through the use of API or, as many people refer to it, ‘the firehose.’ It’s expected to be fully utilized within the coming months.

indexing tweets

As of yet, there’s no information on exactly what parameters Google is going to use for indexing tweets , but it’s safe to assume that they’ll look for tweets that are of high value. Here is the information available right now on high value tweets:

  • Links to the tweets from third party websites.
  • Links to a user’s profile from third party websites.
  • Number of times a tweet is retweeted (and by whom).
  • Number of times a tweet is favorited (and by whom).

The first two data results are presently available. The last two will either have to come directly from Twitter or Google will have to use their own means to obtain them. The most obvious potential value would definitely come from the number of times a tweet is retweeted. Knowing this gives you a jump start on what to focus on in order to improve your SEO. So far, Google seems to value the same things that drive Twitter engagement, so they’ll most likely be using this when indexing tweets.

How To Prompt Retweets

indexing tweets

1)  Stone Temple Consulting did a study indicating that tweets with images receive between 5 and 9 times as many retweets as those without images. Images are the number one way to prompt retweets.

2)  Use hashtags with relevant keywords that coincide with your niche. (we have full explanations for this in our course)

3)  Use longer tweets that provide bold or attention grabbing statements.

4)  Produce consistent, engaging content that people want to retweet and favorite.

5)  Increase the time you spend on Twitter.

6)  Develop relationships with people, especially high influencers so they’ll retweet your content.

In summary, this new deal is good news for both seasoned professionals and newcomers who are just starting out. The key will be using the aforementioned tactics to ensure Google begins indexing tweets from your profile. Would you like help producing engaging content that gets shared 300 times or more? We can show you how to do this for free. Register for our training