How to increase LinkedIn engagement

11 Jan 2015
| Last update: 26 Oct 2016

LinkedIn is known as a social media platform, which is used mostly by business people. At the same time, it is a great place where you can share your content, drive traffic to your website, network with professionals, and build relationships.

linkedin engagement[ Photo credits: Ben Scholzen’s Flickr ]

Why does LinkedIn engagement matter?

You may think that LinkedIn is not as fun as Twitter or Facebook to use. But its great advantage is that it’s the audience that matters. With over 260 000 000 users, you have a huge potential of targeting a crazy amount of business people. And you don’t even have to try harder (or do you?). It also manages to have a 3 times higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate, unlike Twitter and Facebook.

Is it bad that you don’t have engagement on your LinkedIn profile?

Well, it kind of is. I mean, you obviously want your posts to be seen by people, and to make them engage in, comment on, or share your article. But for some reason, that does not happen. So, you’re doing something wrong. Either the content is not so good, or you don’t promote it well enough. To make sure you make the most out of your LinkedIn profile you have to increase your LinkedIn engagement, so I made a list with some guidelines for you to follow.

How to increase LinkedIn engagement on your page

  • Make your profile relevant. People are more likely to trust you and share your posts, if your profile looks neat. Add your education, your current position, and two more of your past ones. Also, upload a professional photo of yourself. What is a great feature of this social media platform is that you can ask people to give you a recommendation. This acts as an endorsement of your work and abilities. It is a great way to build your reputation.
  • Integrate the LinkedIn share button on your website. When I find an interesting article that I want to share, I immediately check to see whether the website has social media share buttons. This makes it so easy for me. When blogs don’t have these buttons, I find it kind of frustrating, since it’s all about driving more traffic towards your posts. Chances are, that if a website does not have social media share buttons, I won’t share it. But maybe that’s just me.
  • Connect with people and join groups you’re interested in. The more people you add, the more people you can reach to. You can connect with people from work, your high-school, college, and so on. Or you have the option to search for people that work in your field of expertise. Groups are also great, because they are very active. If the posts you share are really good, they will definitely drive traffic to your website. Every group has a description. Join those groups  that match the domain you’re interested in, and that match the type of content you’re going to share. You can even start your own group, which will give you the ability of emailing the members once a week.
  • Include links, images, or a video in your post. Links increase engagement with 200%, images have a 98% higher comment rate, and videos increase the share rate with 75%. Enough said.
  • Update your LinkedIn status 2-3 times a day. The more you post, the more likely you are to reach to your audience. If you update your status 20 times per month, you will maximize the chances of reaching your audience with 60%. What are you waiting for? If you’re lacking inspiration for your articles, you can use content creation services. Squirrly creates different types of content, depending on what you need. Our content creation services are designed to meet customer success.
  • Participate in discussions. People will notice that you are active. Ask questions too, do not give only answers. It’s the best way to let the other members know that you’re interested in what they have to say on a certain subject, and they will also give you answers when they have some.
  • Share other people’s content, too. Don’t make it all about you. This will drive people away. Instead, focus on building relationships, and help other people by sharing their interesting content. They will most likely see it, and appreciate it. In return, they might share your posts, too.

How not to lose your connections

linkedin engagement

The key is to be consistent. And for that, you need to make a strategy right before you make your LinkedIn profile. Think about what you want to achieve with it. If this is not clear for you, then you need to think it through. After that, just make a plan with what your goals are in the long run. Be genuine with what you do, and you will see some great results.

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? What are your tips on engaging your audience? Do you think you have a strong LinkedIn engagement?