How to Optimize a Website for Multiple Keywords? The Best SEO Strategy

We all want to get our websites on the first results pages Google displays by using as many keywords as possible. Each day we work hard to achieve the best SEO strategy that will get us to that end result. There have been many Squirrly users that asked time and time again why they can’t add multiple keywords within an article with our WordPress SEO plugin.

So in this article we will address that question. If you have any other problems you require assistance with, then just let us know.

Why can’t I add multiple keywords in Squirrly ?

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Squirrly is an on-page plugin that helps you optimize each and every article. For the best SEO results, we recommend choosing a keyword, doing the research on it and then starting the work. The Keyword Research and live SEO assistant help you do this inside each article.

There is a reason why we don’t offer you the option to add a second keyword. That is because even if you want your website to rank in multiple different search engine results pages (SERPs), each article should target only one subject and there should only be room for one keyword phrase. Think of it as having to answer 3 different questions at once. It can definitely get confusing.

How do we achieve the best SEO results when it comes to multiple keywords ?

Now, we do want your website to rank for multiple keywords. In the free coaching session Squirrly offered, Florin has explained how to get on the right track towards achieving the best SEO for your website. Here are the explanations given for keyword analysis and some files that will help you establish core and secondary keywords.

I find it important to say this again for the sake of each of our users: Your site ranks for multiple keywords, but each article should only focus on one of them. This is better for all search engines and for your readers as well. Focus on one idea and explain it clearly and meticulously rather than writing an article about 3 different things at once.

Keyword Research, helping you make the best decision

Know that there is also another feature in Squirrly that helps you evaluate your multiple keyword optimization options. In the Keyword Research tool, you can always add more keywords. Let’s say that one of your core keywords is pet food, but you want to write an article about dog treats.

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As you can see in the picture above, you have received 13 suggestion based on the 2 keyword phrases you put in. If you would hover over the “dog treats” phrase you would see that it’s a better option to focus on at the moment, since it’s more popular.

But better than that, you could focus your article on “homemade dog treats”, a keyword phrase that is even more popular. It will surely help you implement the best SEO strategy. Of course, you would know if the given suggestions are relevant for your website or not. They could be more popular, but not all of them might fit inside your niche.

If you have problems understanding any of these concepts, I am ready to help. Just leave your questions in the comment section. In the meanwhile, try out the free coaching session.

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