How to Touch People’s Hearts? Use Video Marketing

Statistics show that people are exposed to around 3,000 advertising messages on a daily basis. From crossing the street, checking their Facebook page or buying lunch at the local shop, they are unconsciously the victims of a branded society. However, the majority of these ads have little effect on their buying habits. Why? Because there’s no emotional engagement. How can this be improved? Video marketing seems to be the answer.

Our brain has both an emotional and a logical component. They are called vertical thinking, the rational and analytical part of our brain, and lateral thinking. Edward de Bono is the father of the last. In short, lateral thinking is the capacity to solve problems in an innovative and creative method. He also states that “Lateral Thinking is for changing concepts and perceptions”. Video Marketing should precisely touch this aspect.

Being deceived by unscrupulous means to buy a product is what makes people hate marketing. David Ogilvy, an advertising guru, stated that the customer is not stupid, therefore advertising needs to be of the highest quality. What people need nowadays, more than ever, is to engage with the product.

This aspect can be touched upon more deeply through video marketing than through any other media outlets. The video tells a story. If it’s a good one it stirs emotions and emotions are what trigger customers to buy. People do not buy a product, they buy a brand, they buy a concept, they buy an idea.

video marketing[ Photo Credits: Robert Fornal’s Flickr ]

Puppies and kids make great subjects for video marketing

If a picture paints 1,000 words, then one minute of video is worth 1.8 million, according to Forrester’s researchersOr more than 27 millions in 3 weeks. What I’m talking about is the Budweiser SuperBowl Commercial. If you don’t know it by its name, you surely know it by its adorable puppies.

This ad was one of the best of the year. It’s incredible what a beer company can do, right? They created a heart-touching story that was shared by millions of people and they managed to attract a community of loyal viewers.

Another well-known example of video marketing from recent years comes from a non-governmental organization from the UK, called Save the Children. Their thrilling video has more than 45 millions hits on YouTube. How did they do it?

They took advantage of the fact that most people are prone to reacting emotionally to a story told from the child’s point of view. Of course, the British have a lifelong reputation of having this kind of video marketing impact. A list with their most shocking ads can be found here.

There’s no doubt that people enjoy engaging with such videos. They feel that the company appreciates that they take time out of their busy schedule to watch their videosTelling a story is what will increase your business’s sales. Once people understand the reason why a company does a certain thing, the customers will become loyal. Sharing your work will become a natural thing for them.

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