It’s all about content!

04 Jul 2014
| Last update: 05 Jun 2020

“It’s all about content”

This is what those familiar with blogging would often hear. More precisely, it is generally believed that the primary component of your blog is the message you convey through your blog posts. When the subject, the view point, the narrative style  and your originality are efficiently combined, your blog becomes more appealing. The more you post on your blog, the more attractive it becomes.

Create content. Use Squirrly.

Let me tell you that Search Engines are computers which verify every site’s content, by using algorithms that follow the paths to the site’s teaching.

If an article doesn’t present clear SEO information, then there is a risk that the ideas of the article won’t be understood, and in no way will it be classified on Search Engines in order to be seen by potential clients.

For this reason, before you write content for your article, it is important to choose a keyword which would be sought out by visitors (maybe a trend) and to verify if there are chances for you to get ahead of your competition with that keyword.

To accomplish this I suggest that you should use Squirrly Keyword Research, so as to obtain important data about the competition and to see the keywords classified for use by sites which rank on the first page of Google.

keyword research content

After choosing the keyword(s) you need to use it/them an appropriate number of times in the article and to respect some basic rules, as specified by Matt Cutts in relation to Keyword Stuffing.

Squirrly SEO Live Assistant verifies the SEO part of your content while you are writing it. It will be very simple for you to recognize if the article respected the SEO part before it is published.

blog content

With every article it is important for you to choose a characteristic image which doesn’t have any copyright restrictions.

Squirrly Inspiration Box finds images for you, which don’t have restrictions, or which though having restrictions, direct you to the origin of the image, so that you can find out what the necessary conditions are needed to be satisfied, if you desire to use it.

inspiration box content

If you wish to quickly jot down people’s opinions on a subject, then you should import tweets or paragraphs from other blogs.

With Squirrly Inspiration Box you can quickly import tweets and more. It opens other articles for you directly into your dashboard to save valuable time.

It is necessary for you to direct the reader toward other articles which you’ve written.

Also, with Squirrly Inspiration Box you will be able to easily find other types of content, by which you can make connections and  immediately include a reference to these.

If the article is optimized, then all that is left is to post it and promote it. Do you think you can do this? Have you used our Squirrly WordPress SEO plugin before? Tell us all about your opinion on writing content!


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