Large brands hiring an article writing company

As content marketing becomes a more frequently used method by growing number of companies, so does outsourcing the work with an article writing company. In the following lines I will some examples of these cases and why it is a good idea to try it out for yourself.

The new trend of content marketing

As the Internet and social media become more accessible and they have to become a key part of any company’s marketing efforts. In order to sell their  products they need to be where the customer is. Said and done but in order to be popular on the Internet you need to have something to say. In order to grow your following you need content to share. And who will take care of this article writing task ? Ghostwriters, freelancer and other companies that provide this service.

According to Content Marketing Institute 2013 report  only 4 % of companies use strictly outsourced content for their website presence. But the great majority use a mixture of the two. They hire an article writing company with specialized individuals and then tailor their own major campaigns with it. A healthy approach.  It integrates the skills, information and experience of professionals in writing online content and the clear, informed vision from within the company.

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Even big companies have decided to take this approach. It’s a common practice to use an agency for advertising and many cases SEO, so why not hire a article writing company ? What is greatly appreciated is the fact that they have the measuring tools to make sure that the end result is what they were searching for and in what direction to go next.

Why a article writing company can benificial ?

How great it sounds to have the chief of a working productive department tell you the story from within the company. It sounds great but it is also unproductive and spiced with a little fairy dust. Why ? Well let’s just see the main reasons why even large companies require article writing services. The numerous reasons why this approach is a valid one are also presented in Gerald Baldino’s article.

1.The lack of time

As I was saying it’s a little counter productive to have people that already have a strategy, a plan and a clear activity to put them to create content as well. You want those people to be focused on the work that you gave them. That’s the reason you hired them. If you give them this task as well it will be pushed over from lack of time, presented to late or with a low quality.

2.Not everybody is a content creator

You have amazing people in your company, well qualified and inspiring leaders, but how many of them are really into article writing ? In order to get the most out of you site you need to have some one that is qualified and interested in this particular aria. They need the proper skills and many hours of experience. If you just started using content marketing, a new person that isn’t qualified would have the basic support system either because you don’t specialize in this field. That’s why outsourcing you content comes in handy.

3.Documented information

In order to create content that is efficient for your site there is a list of researches that need to be done prior to writing any content. Establishing which is the target, getting to know them, find the write proper keywords for article writing are informations that a company providing these information might be better equipped to do.

4.Don’t hurt your SEO

Plain writing doesn’t work on the Internet if you want to actually be in the battle for the first place in SERPs. Understanding the SEO tasks you need to accomplish for each article and to deciding on a clear plan to follow acquires specialized attention. If you don’t have the necessary personnel and  resources to delegate for this task, content creation services are a good option.

If you want to find out how an article writing company works, order today !

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