Lesson 4: How to Use Quora for Your Marketing Strategy and Get More Readers for Your Blogs

It’s good to see you today for the 4th Lesson of our course which will help you get to 300 readers/blog article.

This time around, I will show you how the hashtags that you researched in the previous lesson will help you build up some amazing traffic by answering the right questions on Quora.

You know the No Talk. All Action motto of this new course you’re getting from Squirrly. Oh well, since not all of you may be familiar with Quora, it’s best that we have a bit of talk, so we can explain to you what Quora is all about.

So that will be Chapter 1.

In Chapter 2 of this lesson, you’ll get to see exactly what you need to do to get at least a + of 30 new readers for each article you write.

If you’re already familiar with this Q&A platform, then just go ahead and skip to Chapter 2.

Otherwise, let’s begin explaining what Quora is.

Chapter 1: Quora, the Q&A Community that’s Build Value First, Focus on Marketing Later

Quora is a Q&A platform where you can ask questions about pretty much anything you want and get someone to answer them.

But it is not only a Q&A website – but a platform that makes sure that the questions asked there get the most accurate and relevant answers from people who have first-hand experience.

But how can all of this help your marketing strategy? You’re about to find out.

A Few Ways to Benefit from Quora:

  • Answer questions.

If you see that someone asks a question that you have the answer to, don’t be afraid to leave a reply.

For example, if your company offers content marketing services, you can link to your website – IF it’s to genuinely help someone who is looking for just that.

Your answers can then be upvoted by others, which will make you seem a trustworthy member of the Quora community.

  • Follow people and questions.

If a certain influencer or a person you admire professionally is active, you can keep track of their activity on Quora.

People are encouraged to use their real names, and also write what they do, so you shouldn’t worry about fake identities. This makes it easier for you to figure out who are the thought leaders in your domain.

Also, Quora is a great place to connect with other professionals and exchange ideas.

  • Ask certain individuals to answer your questions.

If there’s a particular question that you want to be answered by a certain specialist, you can do that.

As a bonus, there is a great possibility that you can establish some kind of connection with that person and ask for their help again, knowing that they will most likely provide it.

  • Research & Inspiration.

Content marketers, you’re in luck! When writer’s block kicks in, you can always rely on Quora. It is a great tool for research. If you run out of ideas for your blog, you can check out what’s trending here.

Or simply ask a question about ideas. There are high chances that you will receive not one but many different answers. The fact that you can do research here also comes in handy when you don’t know what keywords to use.

What NOT to Do on Quora

If you only want to promote or sell your product, then this platform is not for you.

People will figure that out. Instead, try and focus on building a value-first relationship with people you’re genuinely interested in. Don’t go on and on only about you, your products/services, and your company. People will get sick of you trying to push your products and services.

Quora, for me, is a lot like Google, but smarter, more specific, more trustworthy, and more personal.

Chapter 2: So, You Have the Answer to What Question?

Very important to keep in mind:

Quora is value-driven, so make sure you will not spam every possible question with your links. We are very AGAINST that type of behavior.

Open up the excel file in which you researched the hashtags last time. We will be using that file a lot throughout this course.

Here’s the link from the example excel file I showed you.

Okay. This is the All-Action part of the lesson. Let’s begin learning the steps.

1) Your mindset. How this Makes Sense.

In order to make this tactic work well for your overall strategy of getting 300 readers/blog article:

You need to think of Questions for each article you write from now on:

a) The Type A question.

You have the blog article written already. You need to find on Quora some questions that you can answer yourself (post 80 to 250 words) and then write the link to your article.

What on earth?

Yes, you heard me right. Quora is value-driven, so don’t post just links. You will have to write some really valuable answers and only then post the link to your blog article where you explain your answer in more depth.

If readers from Quora find your answer to be valuable, then they WILL CLICK your link and continue reading on your own site. This is very important to keep in mind, otherwise, this method will NOT work for you and it will ruin your image.

b) The Type B Question.

As I said, for each article you write you need to think of two types of questions.

Type B is a question that does NOT already exist on Quora, so you will have to think about it and then place it as a question on the platform.

You need to think of a question that you can place on Quora and then come and answer it with your own article.

Basically, you post the question and you already have the perfect answer for it.

That will make people really love your answer and they will definitely click to go to your website.

2) For an article that you already have, prepare 2 Type A questions and 2 Type B questions.

DO it right now.

3) GO to Quora. Searching for topics that will give you a lot of questions where you can place your answers and find lots of Type A Questions

Alright. Go to your Hashtags Research File.

Select one of the topics (hashtags).

You can see that I selected #crowdfunding

Then, go to Quora.com and search for your hashtag, like I did (in my case, crowdfunding)

There you will see a huge list of questions. Find the best ones where you could place your blog article as an answer to those questions that you see in the list.

That’s it. Now read the secret tactic to get more out of this method. (below)

Super-Secret Tactic to get more Readers out of Quora and Type B Questions.

Use their “Ask People To Answer” feature.

You will ask a lot of people from Quora to answer your type B question.

This will increase the visibility of your question amongst quora users (a lot). When you receive the first answer to your question, go on and publish the answer you prepared along with the link to your site.

It will seem very natural for everyone, you will contribute to the community and you will have a lot of visibility. Since there will be about 3 answers and 200 people viewing the question, clicks will follow.

That’s all for today. Go on and grow your readership for each article you write from now on.

Here’s the benchmark box to show you how far along you are.

quora marketing

Read the next emails you’ll get in your inbox.

They will help you figure out how well you’re doing so far. Then, the next ones will help you reach the final milestone.

There’s a lot more to do on your Journey.

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