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Your link building strategy is important for actually getting your site to the inbound marketing level you need it to be. This strategy has actually two aspects for why it is important. On one hand because Google loves articles that connect through more sites and many channel, but also because any audience appreciates problem solvers. The link building method is actually a way to satisfy the bots and the Humans if done right.

Link Building and how it matters

In the field of search engine optimization, link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a page.

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When focusing on inbound marketing, the link building strategy is not just useful but necessary.  You need to always work for more links that bring audience to your site. The quality of those links matters as well. A search engine will take into account the quality of the site where your link is found, or in the case of social media how popular it is. But the same factors apply to Humans. People will come to your site if you associate it with good content on other sites and if others appreciate it.
But even if the same factors matter for both sides they are not perceived in the same way. The search engine will give it’s qualification based on statics of the site, where your link is found, while the Humans will take a more subjective look at it. The same difference applies to the social media angle of inbound marketing. Google will take in how many likes, share, or +1’s you’ve got and appreciate that number based on the confidence they have on that particular platform.  But as we know in inbound marketing content is king, so for Humans it will matter who shared or retweeted you. And that happens because you provide valuable information.

The inbound marketing how to

Now that we’ve established why it is important let’s see how we do it. In my opinion there is no one solution in this case. The inbound marketing field is full of ingenious people that came up with different ways of connecting their content across many sites and platform.

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If you want to have an overall look of all this methods, Benjamin Beck has actually written a great article that I think contains all the common methods in link building (or citation building as he calls it his article). From using your current relations, to building new ones in order to have your links reach a larger audience, this methods integrate lots of Humans into the process.

For example my favourite method is  Guest Blogging. Something you might already know if you saw the video I create in order to explain the benefits of this strategy. For inbound marketing, guest blogging is great because the link of your site appears in the author description of the post you created on someone else is site. How authorship is going to matter more on Google searches, this helps you establish yourself as an expert in the field and there for help the site you constantly write on.

But the reasons I love this strategy is because I get to interact with amazing bloggers that give me feedback and appreciate my content. Also I like the fact that I can share the ideas that I have with people that haven’t yet heard of me. The inbound marketing network I create this way is much more real and demanding than the ones that I have on any social media.

Where Link Building got us

So what is our win from all this ? First of all a better ranked site, because inbound links are one of the key factors that Google cares about. Then high quality content connected with your name and blog, but also important human relations that start from just that. Benjamin Beck actually promotes in his article ways to find and help people that can help you back. Even if not all the tactics apply to your business or inbound marketing plan, they can help you come up with ideas that will be better suited.

In the end the Link building tactic is one that connects the effort you put into your site for better SEO and better Human optimization. The strategies will bring more views and new audience to your site but it will also help your overall statics that search engines take into consideration. I’m quite curios what link building tactics have you tried and what was your experience with them? The comment section awaits.

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