OkHello meets ContentLook. Is it still a success?

06 Nov 2014
| Last update: 13 Apr 2017

OkHello meets ContentLook

A few weeks ago I was telling you about Airtime.com. On the verge of being a failed startup. The story of the video-chat website is torn between success and failure. In 2012 they seemed to be in the spotlight, being celebrity endorsed and making a real fuss in the media. Two years later the reality was grim: Airtime.com was dying a slow death. What to do? They silently relaunched as OkHello.

Is OkHello successful?

As I’ve already told you “OkHello seems to have found the recipe for success.” It’s been a great success in the App Store since last April, being featured 46 different times in 28 countries. It also launched on Android. From the point of view of sales and marketing, OkHello is a success. It’s been included in the App Store’s top 100 social media apps, according to app analytics service App Annie. It has also hit top 10 on some occasions. The video chat system is available on mobile and its users can share photos, videos and text chats. There is texting, audio chatting and video chatting and stickers, which are adored by the kids.

Testing OkHello with Content Look

What I’ve told you so far is no news, as you can find this all in my article. What I want to do now is to decide with you if the success of OkHello also lies in the way its website is built. At this point, OkHello meets Content Look.

Introducing ContentLook:

It’s a free tool designed by my team from Squirrly. It’s been so made that all web-masters can find out where their site has problems and the strategies to work on them. By using it, you can basically take a look at your whole Content Marketing strategy, including these 6 main areas: Blogging, Traffic, Social Media, SEO, Links and Authority. 

What I want to do now is to look at the audit generated for OkHello, and see if their success comes also from how well their site is designed. Let’s try this out!

  • First of all, I need to enter the URL for Content Look to generate the site audit:contentlook
  • Now let’s take a look at the audit:okhello3

That’s not the best result but it not bad. Now, as you can see, ContentLook shows you how you stand in 6 main areas. You can click on a area and see the report in detail and find out data and metrics regarding the problems you have, solutions to your problems and videos giving you tips and explaining everything to you. It seems OkHello has mastered the areas of Blogging and Social Media, SEO and Link Building are on the right track, but Authority and Traffic are lacking.

How one area looks. Let’s take a look at Traffic.


If you take a look at the site and the problems it encounters, you’ll see how it can become better. Interpreting the data it’s quite simple. Now the deal with traffic is that it’s one of the most important parts of a site.

Are you interested in the power of your content marketing strategies?

You can basically give Content Look a try anytime you want, you only need an email and a username. If you have a Priority Code it’s even better, because you get to have a PRO account, which has many bonuses. Remember: ContentLook is free! And it will always be so! 

Use it now to get a clear view on your site and find out how to improve it!


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