On Page SEO for the Maximum Beginner

Use this small document about on page seo, if you started hearing about this term and want to know what on page seo is all about 🙂 If you have a friend who’s just starting out with seo, make sure you send this to him, and she will appreciate it.

The Beginner’s Small Guide to On Page SEO

Two different aspects of SEO will influence the rating of your business’ website: off-page SEO, which in large measure involves the links coming to your site from other sources, and the type of anchor text being used, and on-page SEO, which considers the content on your page, in what way in relates to content on your website overall, its relevance to your website’s theme, the form of text being used in the links going out of your site and the sites being linked to and the density of keywords on your page.

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In order to determine how to rank your business’ website, your on-page SEO is crucial for search engines. Your header tags and meta keywords have to be clearly defined, and your website should be simple to crawl for search engine spiders. Off-page SEO concentrates more on the outside sites which are linking back to yours, and a search engine’s algorithm views more the way in which the content on them is related to your website, and the anchor text used in the link to evaluate how much worth the link has to them.

Sometimes the value of on-page factors is realized because even a large amount of highly unrelated links can make a page rank for a particular term – the infamous Adobe ranks for the keyword “click here” even though there are no header tags pointing to the phrase, few occasions of the phrase throughout the site, and the keyword isn’t bolded or emphasized in the content or used as anchor text for links out. Nevertheless, on-page SEO aids in determining how your website ranks in search engines, and pages which are highly optimized for content rank far easier for key terms for which they are optimized than other pages which are not optimized for them, but still targeting them. Some off-page “restricted” SEO techniques which can be banned or penalized by search engines also exist.

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