The SEO Puzzle: On Page SEO for Content [Infographic]

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We all love thinking that good content is about writing about cute, shallow unicorns, but what good content needs in order to be great is on page seo. There, I said it.You know what’s better? Stats that prove that articles that have great on page seo get 285% more traffic, on average, than the articles that are not optimized.. >Click to Tweet<

So, there’s no reason to be mediocre and not optimize the content you plan to publish, because you won’t have an article that reaches it’s potential.

On Page SEO is not such a complicated puzzle.

It may seem a bit hard to optimize each an every article that you write, research the best keywords you could use, analyse which of them will bring you the most traffic, and after you publish your articles see how much moola-moola the articles got ( and also, new happy fans for your brand 🙂 )

For that reason, we built Squirrly SEO, that helps you get all of those SEO tasks done and rock at gaining lots of readers over time for your articles and establishing a brand with real-world chances.
Also, if you want to make your own content strategy and don’t yet have an idea on how to start, please check out this coaching session:
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