Second week at the Squirrly Academy

16 Jun 2014
| Last update: 06 Apr 2017
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Another week has passed and the number of students at the Squirrly Academy is still growing. In the first week we got familiar with our coach, we got to understand what to expect from the course and we learned a bit about what referral traffic is and why it is important to raise the number of the clients that you achieve in a shorter time span. Let’s find out what our students have been up to this last week inside the Squirrly Academy.

Finding what your content lacks

We had finished the first week with the 5th lecture. In the 6th lecture, which was about hacking referral traffic, Florin offered the students materials and asked them to look over them in order to discuss them. The materials were included in a large spread sheet to help the students keep track of all their accounts, with passwords on different sites, which can help them get more referral traffic. The links in the Squirrly Academy were grouped in 6 categories : Video, Postcad, Blog, Social Bookmarking, Status and Article.

The next lecture, the 7th one, was there to do a short recap of all the things that the course offered. Florin asked people to go over the previous material again, so as to make sure that they finished writing out all the files, so by the time they finished with the course they’d have a content marketing plan which could be easily applied. He even offered a few homework tasks connected to the Squirrly Academy information, in order for the students to better assimilate it.

The 8th lecture was the second part of hacking referral traffic. It gave a continuity to the 6th one. This lecture was a bit longer and Florin talked more about how to get yourself out there and convey your information to the audience that already exist. One strategy that he dwells more on is Guest Posting. The students found out why this strategy is valid and what you want to get out of it. The files included in the Squirrly Academy would also help you get started with this strategy, in order to have good results.

Squirrly academy

Lesson 9 was about how to measure the progress you make and identify if your strategies actually work. This is done through the analysis which Squirrly provides for you. This will find information about your traffic, your social media activity and many more facts for each of your articles. Thus, with this lecture the first module was finished.

The second Squirrly Academy module started with a lecture on how some sites are popular and others simply don’t work no matter the effort put into them. You’ll find out how to use tools that can give you a clear number about how competitive your site can be in the inbound world. There are 6 aspects that are worth taking into consideration here : blogging, traffic, SEO, Social media, links and authority. Even if most students don’t like doing homework, this specifically applies to their site, and it will get them to find out what they can do to improve their site.

The next item in the Squirrly Academy was a very short Quiz. The questions were based on the presentation Florin used so as to make sure that all the students understood how the audit works. After the course they should be able to use it efficiently for their site. A friendly tip is to do your homework, it will get you a high grade at the test, and you’d only have to look over the presentation once. It’s in the best interested of all the students in order to get the notions right.

Another week has passed at the Squirrly Academy

And faster than you’d think! With lots of homework and a quiz  the second week of the master course has passed. Be sure to keep up with the course and get the most out of it.

Have you enrolled for the Squirrly Academy Course ? What do you guys think about it ?



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