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25 Nov 2013
| Last update: 10 Apr 2017
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Malcolm Gladwell’s speech at a TED event that I’ve seen year ago as stayed with me because his perspective has helped me in my SEO content creation. Time and time again you have read in this blog that you need to focus on Humans and what and how they find information and consider search engines just a tool that connects them to your site.

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What have I learned from the previous mentioned video is that people don’t say what they want. There is always a disconnect between what we want and what you need. What he talks about is one of the first scientists that realised that there isn’t one solution that fits all. There are more types of products that each one brings happiness to one particular group of clients. The same principles can (and should) be applied to SEO content.

Establishing a profile

There is one line that even your mother has told you. ” You can’t make all people happy. ” And it’s true with the one size fits all ideas. You can not create a content that everyone will appreciate. So what do we do ? Well first of all you have to appreciate criticism and learn from it. And the first most important aspect that you should learn is that your audience is very diverse. Not all people appreciate the same thing. There isn’t only one reason that all your audience comes to your site.

So you have to create SEO content that appeals to each groups in particular. But first of all you need to understand what each group is searching for and what are their main interests. From this particular reason you need to establish the profiles of the sections of visitors you have. You can do this through social media research. Find out if the people that are interested in the subject X are also interest in subject Y. Even more simple do survey and polls on-line.  You can even use Google form for that.

Tailoring your SEO content to more groups

Now that you have established which are the groups of Human you write for. Tailor your SEO content accordingly. To give an example let’s say we have the site or an university. The university should consider as profiles the high-school students that want to attend the university, the student it has now and third of all teachers and other employees. Of course the list of profiles can continue but these 3 are enough to explain my ideas.

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The high-school student need a presentation of the collage, what courses and activities can he attend and the university wants him to apply. The ones that are already students need their schedules, the latest announcements referring to ongoing activities and the university needs to attend course and pay their taxes. As for the employees they need to find the announcement that refer to their activity. The best way to tail this information is right from the start on the main page divert them to a page that suited to their particular need and there offer them the valuable content and guidance they need. If they will find information that they are not interesting in they won’t hesitate in leaving the site for good.

Presentation is key

As Fernando’s article about the science of persuasion to succeed in business, very well explained one of the most important aspects is how you present things more than anything. You have to understand the differences inside your audience but the things that connected them as well. When creating the best SEO content, you need to gradually ask them for small commitments and educated them in your bloggin habits. Determine them to comment or share your post, them it will be easier to make them add you on their social media platforms. Offer them free materials like ebooks or audio files if they subscribe to email newsletters. In the end it is a process you can’t expect them to give you all from the first time they visit your site.

Create a unique user experience

Keeping in mind that each person in you audience is different and you need to offer them a valuable information, will make creating SEO content much easier. Don’t become extra specific in your post because you still want your content to have many visitors. You can create a personal engagement through social media to as many individual clients as possible. That might be way of opening the reciprocity concept that Fernando was talking about in his article as well. Find a way to make all of your customers fill special.



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