SEO Content Writing Services – 9 Myths Everyone Believes

01 Jul 2015
| Last update: 11 Apr 2017

High-quality content writing services sometimes get a bad rap. This is because entrepreneurs have been given a false impression about the impact and value they hold. Here are 9 myths about them that simply aren’t true.

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1)  The writers who work for these services aren’t educated and/or experienced.

If you choose the right agency, you’ll discover that their content writers go through rigorous screenings and benefit from constant training once they’re hired. When it comes to high-end agencies, and this doesn’t necessarily mean high prices, all writers need to be educated and/or experienced in order to work for said agencies.

2)  The articles are reused & you don’t own the copyrights to them.

Yes, some agencies will not give you the rights to the articles they provide for you. This should be a huge red flag. RUN! Your content writing service should provide articles specifically designed just for your business, and in doing so, you should be given the rights to every single article.

3)  Content writing services are too expensive.

When you investigate content writing services, communicate exactly what it is that you want, and include the price that’s in your budget. If they don’t work with you, you’re looking at the wrong service. Look some more. You want a service that will listen to your needs, cater a plan that fits your business, and one that helps you gain readers with every blog post.

4)  Writing services don’t have experts in your niche.

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In order to be a content writer, you not only need to have a passionate drive to write copious amounts of material in one sitting, but you must carry the ability to research and study all topics. The secret isn’t having all the knowledge on hand, the secret is knowing how to research any topic so that you as a writer are able to serve any niche. This is what professionals who work for agencies are trained to do.

5)  They’re just mediocre and won’t be able to engage your audience.

This myth coincides with the previous one. If you’re contracted with a professional agency, you can relax knowing its writers are specifically trained to write engaging, informative material that grabs the attention of your audience. In addition, because they’re researching all the time, they’re always up-to-date with the latest trends and marketing tactics, so they know what will work and what won’t.

6)  They won’t be centered around your company’s products and services.

The whole purpose of content writing is to practice content marketing. Content writers are schooled in how to take a subject, present a compelling story that engages the reader, present a problem, and solve that problem having the customer’s products and services in mind. They build up a sense of trust, knowledge and the possibility of a solution, and then close with a compelling call to action. Professional writers are the ones who know how to do this best.

7)  Longer is better.

Longer articles are great for new businesses who need to build trust and backlinks to try and gain higher search rankings. However, with the approaching popularity of adaptive content, most consumer-based markets who have lots of products to sell do very well with short articles, attention-grabbing images, videos and even infographics. Longer is not always better. Engaging and useful are what matters, regardless of length or format.

8)  More content equals more reach.

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This is absolutely false. You need a balance of consistency and quality, but if you have to compromise one, always compromise consistency. Quality content is what builds and establishes your reputation and your positioning in the market. Don’t ever compromise quality for quantity. Quality content is the main reason you use a content writing service. If you produce low quality content, you could be penalized for it by Google.

9)  Using content writing services means you’re lazy or that you can’t write.

Using a content writing service means you’re smart, and that you know how to delegate wisely. As CEO of your business, your energy is far better utilized by focusing on other aspects of the business. While you may be able to write, writing isn’t your passion, your passion is your business. The logical thing to do is to leave the writing part to a professional.

These are 9 of the most common things people believe about content writing services. Having this information, you now know that they’re not true. The right agency will take you under its wing, provide the content you need for business growth, and get you readers that you can convert into customers. Why not try a high-quality content writing service today? Contact us and we’ll craft a plan to fit your business.



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