Shopify SEO Is More Than Just Meta Data

04 Mar 2021
| Last update: 11 May 2021

There aren’t many people who tell you that Keyword Research and Organizing your portfolio of keywords is really the most important thing you can do to get more people to reach your site.

On OneGeek, for example (it’s been our Shopify store 2018 to 2019), we had many people (80% of all shoppers) coming from Google’s search engine and paying on their first visit!


Yup, we studied the data in Shopify where it shows you the interactions which lead to each sale on your store.

Most of them visited OneGeek for the first time. They found us on Google for keywords like:

“rwby merchandise”
“overwatch wallet”
“overwatch wallet orisa”
“overwatch wallet pharah”
“harry potter wands store”
“lucius malfoy wand”
“pokemon gym badges cheap”
“rwby action figure”

And a few others. Each first visit from the Google search engine led to a sale.

What did we do to get there?

  • found those keywords I mentioned above, by using Squirrly SEO’s keyword research tool for Shopify stores.
  • placed them in Briefcase from Squirrly SEO, to organize them and figure out how they fit in our Collections versus Product Pages strategies.
  •  Optimized the collection pages and the product pages to 100% using the SEO Live Assistant.
  •  We indexed everything we worked on using Google Search Console.

Voila! Traffic and sales.

Money-ready people because they found the exact products they were looking for in a store that looked decent.

It’s not rocket science.

As far as meta-data goes, we didn’t care the least about rich snippets and other weird coding gimmicks and plugins from Shopify’s store.

We just used Title and Meta Description that is offered out of the box by the Shopify platform.

The power is in the research and in optimizing collection and product pages for search relevancy!

If the text of a page is not relevant, Google will not display it.

Start working on your own SEO success for your Shopify store today.