Squirrely in love with our Customers. Why do we offer Excellence?

10 May 2013
| Last update: 13 Apr 2017
For companies who are just starting out, there is no excuse for not having amazing Customer Service, but we’re pushing that boundary, because we are squirrely about offering Excellence in customer service.


We are squirrely about our customers. why?

It all starts with the reason why we began Squirrly UK in the first place (yes, our name is really s q u i r r l y ,without the “e”).

Our dream was to build an amazing product that would help people succeed with internet marketing. It was the natural continuation of the company we had prior to this one, where we helped people get found on Google. They experienced amazing results.

After we saw that it worked and we got better at this, we had the idea of extending our offering to all the amazing people who were using WordPress. That’s how we came up with the plugin. Of course, just building a great product is never enough. This is something that we ultimately believe in.

If we didn’t offer Excellence in Customer Service, Squirrly would not be the company we’d want to work in and grow from the ground up.

It may sound a bit squirrely on our part, but we love you and are genuinely happy when we know we helped you reach online success!


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