Squirrly Team Behind The Scene

Have you ever wonder how is to work at Squirrly? Well, it’s amazing! Of course, the first rule is to be crazy. If you are not, you’ll not like working here at all.

We are five awesome people who like to have fun at work. Even if we have only one year, we had a lot of fun. What is interesting is that we had people and people to help us, but all the time the final version of the team was from five people. I supposed that’s our magic number.

Let’s start with our product release. We had some amazing guests at our launch product from December 2012. We even had a game for our special guest. He was challenged to optimize an article when he was drunk. We are not encourage alcohol at work! The purpose of that challenge was that Squirrly Product is so easy that even a drunk man can use it. You can see more photos on our Facebook Fan Page.


Also, we had an After Party with a special cake 🙂


We had boardgames at the office almost every month. Of course with pizza. Sometimes, we build lego robots or we play with our minion team.


Last September we had our 1st year party. We received a custom t-shirt with our squirrel avatar. And, of course we had another squirrel shape cake 🙂


Christmas is not fun without Secret Santa, right? Here is our Secret Santa Party:


And our Christmas Village:


But this year we decided to make 2014 awesome!

Squirrly Team in 2014

We started the new year with some engaging games and houses. Every two weeks we will have a new game from a different House. You can read more about this in another article. Till now, we had two games 🙂


So, we are squirrly people building awesome products 🙂



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