Squirrly Team was spectacular this Halloween!

01 Nov 2014
| Last update: 07 May 2020

This Halloween was really awesome for Squirrly team because of 3 simple facts:

1. Your are always on the first place for us!

The Squirrly team is so proud of you, that we wanted to do something special for you. Something fun to play and to read at the same time.

So,we created this awesome game: Which Squirrly-Monster are you? I’m pretty sure you already played it, but if you haven’t, you can still play it here: Find Your Inner Squirrly Monster. All the team played the game and most of us were Witches. Shout us a comment with your Squirrly Monster. (play to find out what monster you are, and let us know in the comments)


2. We are crazy about Halloween!

We love Halloween! It’s fun and perfect for a team-building game.

This year, we decided to have a little contest between us. The goal was to have the most awesome desk for Halloween. Each Squirrly team member, brought some cool or scary things to decorate his/her desk.

We had such different ideas for Halloween that in the end our Office was ready for the scary event. One of us, brought some things that can really inspire George RR Martin. Another desk, was ready to call for Batman. We are not sure if he came, but we are pretty sure he would like the bat-desk. Anyway, enjoy the photos and tell us which ones you think are most awesome!

 andreea's desk cristina's desk florin's desk ligia's deskalexandra's desk

3. Squirrly team is magic!

This year, 2 awesome girls joined the team. Now, we are 7, like the witch’s number. Maybe, too many girls for a software product, but we are a really great team. Here is a Halloween Photo with us. Aren’t we squirrly?

squirrly team

So, this was our Halloween. How was yours? Did you have some scary experiences? You can share your thoughts next to our Squirrly Monsters:

halloween group therapy