Star Wars Games – powered by the Evergreens

07 Mar 2014
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015

Games at Squirrly Office are still going on. This week was Evergreens turn to come up with a new engaging one. Florin recently bought a new boardgame and it seems that he want us to learn it. It’s about Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game. It’s an awesome game! So, he decided to split it in 4 mini games for us.

Star Wars Games – powered by the Evergreens

Day 1: Star Wars Games: Rookies Events

Each of us had to learn how to navigate with their ships. We were split in two teams, The Imperial and The Rebels. Each of us decided what they wanted to be inside our teams. So, one member from Spitfire fought with one member from Owlwitch, like a mini tournament. We didn’t have rules, we just had to learn how to fly. The first team was made up Călin and Cristina, and the second team was made of me and Alexandra. Even if this game wasn’t so hard, I lost it.  It seems that I ran out of the Galaxy.. Well, what can I say.. sometimes it happens. Anyway, for this game it wasn’t important who won or not. So, each of the Squirrly Teams won 2 points for this game.

star wars games

Day 2: Star Wars Games:  Pilots under Stress Event + Asteroid Field Tripping 

This time was a little more complicated because of the asteroid field tripping. The day before, we played without rules, so we could make some moves that weren’t really allowed anytime. But, this time, we had to stick to the rules. So, here came in the stress event . Each ship had a fly controller, but not all the ships could made all the possible moves. For example, The Imperial had extra moves because it’s smaller and lighter, rather than The Rebels which had big ships but with a stronger defence. Also, each ship had some easy moves and some hard moves. The easy one were green and the difficult one were red. For each red action the pilot got a stress token. If he got the stress token he can not attack until he had made a green action.

So, we had rules and asteroids. The tasks were really simple: to survive the asteroids and to win the battle. This time, the Squirrly’s team fought each other. Owlwitch team were The Rebels and the Spitfire team were The Imperial. Well, even if it was a new day, I still made a very wrong move. It seems that I didn’t see a big and huge asteroid and I died. I guess, this can happens too. But, my teammate, Cristina, really tried to save the day, but with no luck. After the battle, Owlwitch got 4 points for flying under stress and hitting the asteroids, and the Spitfire got 6 points, because they succeeded to survive through the asteroid field tripping.

star wars games star wars games

Day 3: Star Wars Games: A scout’s Dilemma

Another day, another battle. This time, we had a mission. The Rebels had to find the bounty and The Imperial had to find The Rebels. This game was much more fun and more intensive. Of course, after some rounds, The Imperial found the The Rebel, and they called for backups. We were The Rebels and we got a little scared. I mean, we had just one ship, and they had 3 ships. But I don’t know how, the Universe made some magic and hit The Imperial ships with asteroids. We were really happy because we were still searching for the bounty, but from now on, we had just one ship to hide from. We’ve got some damage, almost to death, but we had some luck too with out defence field. Eventually, we found the bounty, but now we to get out of this galaxy before The Imperial killed us. And we succeeded! We were so happy! With just one ship we managed to find the bounty and to survive to 3 The Imperial ships. We are really proud of our self. So, the points for this game were 3 points for accomplish the mission, for Owlwitch.

star wars games

star wars games

Day 4: Star Wars Games: Final Tournament

The last day of games had come. Each team member from Owlwitch  had to fight to each team member from Spitfire. So, I played with Călin, and Cristina with Alexandra. Than, the winners had to fight each other. In my tournament, I lost, again.. It seems that if I play alone I’m not able to control my space ship. In the other battle, Cristina had some luck and won, but just because Alexandra hit an asteroid. So, Călin and Cristina had the final battle. Because, Călin had to go to pick up his kids, his team-mate took his place. Again, Alexandra and Cristina are fighting each other. This battle was so long that we even got bored to watch them. Cristina tried to make Alexandra’s ships to hits the asteroids, and Alexandra tried to attack Cristina’s ships. After almost 2 hours, Cristina won 4 points for surviving the battle.

star wars games

star wars games

Star Wars Games: The Final Score

Owlwitch had 13 points:

Rookies Events: 2 points

Pilots under Stress Event + Asteroid Field Tripping : 4 points

A scout’s Dilema: 3 points

Final Tournament: 4 points

Spitfire had 8 points:

Rookies Events: 2 points

Pilots under Stress Event + Asteroid Field Tripping : 6 points

A scout’s Dilema: 0 points

Final Tournament: 0 points

Star Wars Games: The Prizes

And the prizes were 2 big boxes of Pringle’s Potato Chips. They were really delicious, and after 10 min they were gone.