Starbox PRO QuickStart Guide – How to Create Your First Author Bio Box

Ready to make your author bio box pop? Starbox PRO is your secret weapon, and we want to ensure you leverage its full potential right from the start.

So we’ve put together something special – a super handy guide complete with a close-up walkthrough VIDEO of the new Starbox PRO.

Start by watching the video below and see just how easy it is to add and customize your author bio using Starbox. You’ll also get a closer look at all the shiny new features and learn cool tips that’ll help you make your author bio stand out like never before.

Here’s what we unpack in this video:

00:0000:20 | Introduction: How to Install Starbox PRO

00:2000:28 | Accessing Starbox PRO

00:2802:03 | Initial Setup: Registration Process

02:0302:27 | Choosing Your Author Box Display Style: Overview of Options

02:2702:54 | Detailed Look at Standard Themes

02:5403:06 | Exploring Modern Themes

03:0606:56 | Dive into Highly Visual Themes

06:5610:32 | Selecting and Customizing the Theme

10:3210:48 | Site Placement Options for Starbox PRO Bio Boxes

10:4812:33 | Presenting the ‘All Authors’ Section

12:3312:58 | Navigating General Settings

12:5813:52 | Using GIFs as Background Images

13:5214:13 | Frontend Display Examples: See Starbox PRO in Action

14:1314:25 | Closing Notes

We hope you found our video tutorial helpful in getting started with Starbox PRO. To complement what you’ve just watched, the text-based guide below offers an in-depth explanation of key steps, enhancing your understanding.

This format allows you to go through the process of creating an author bio box using Starbox PRO at your own pace, providing additional insights and tips not covered in the video.

Starbox PRO Basics: Your Essential Written Guide


1. Installation and Activation

2. First-Time Setup: Registration

Personal Details

Social Media Details

Link Settings

Your Profile Image

3. Select Your Author Bio Display

Highly Visual Themes

Sub-Themes and Customization

Extra Customization Options for All Themes

4. Customization Options by Theme/Display Style

Highly Visual



5. Configure Your Preferred Display Options

6. All Authors Themes Overview

7. General Settings Overview

With this handy guide, you’ll be able to set up a visually captivating author bio box that’s as unique as you are in no time. So, let’s get started!

Installation and Activation

To start your journey, the first step is to install and activate the Starbox PRO plugin on your WordPress website.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to “Plugins” and click on “Add New.”
  3. Select “Upload Plugin.”
  4. Choose the Starbox PRO plugin file and upload it.
  5. Once uploaded, click “Activate Plugin.”



With the plugin successfully activated, it’s time to add your license token to unlock all the powerful features that Starbox PRO offers.

First Time Setup: Registration

  • To reach this section, go to Starbox PRO > First Time Setup 

Important: The ‘First Time Setup’ option in the menu is designed to assist you with creating your first Starbox author bio box. After you have successfully completed setting up your first Starbox author bio box, this option will no longer appear in the menu.

After activating the plugin, the first step is to register and select the author for whom you want to create the first author bio box. To select the author, use the drop-down list shown in the screenshot below.

This list will display all users who currently exist on your WordPress site.


Personal Details

  • To reach this section, go to Starbox PRO > First Time Setup > Personal Details

Important: The ‘First Time Setup’ option in the menu is designed to assist you with creating your first Starbox author bio box. After you have successfully completed setting up your first Starbox author bio box, this option will no longer appear in the menu.

Now let’s personalize your author bio to make it a true reflection of who you are. For this, make sure to fill out the following details using the dedicated fields:

  • First Name: Enter your first name.
  • Last Name: Add your last name.
  • Job Title Slug:  This is optional. You can keep the default or change it to something that fits you, like “I am an [job title]” or “Chief of [job title].”
  • Job Title: Specify your job title.
  • Company: Enter the name of your company/the company you work with.
  • Company URL: Add your company’s website URL.
  • Author Bio: This is your canvas to share your story with readers. Feel free to make the text field for your Author BIO bigger or smaller by pulling on its bottom right corner.

Social Media Details

To reach this section, go to Starbox PRO > First Time Setup > Social Media Details

Important: The ‘First Time Setup’ option in the menu is designed to assist you with creating your first Starbox author bio box. After you have successfully completed setting up your first Starbox author bio box, this option will no longer appear in the menu.

Starbox PRO makes it easier to connect with your audience through social media. How? By enabling you to customize your author bio box with engaging social media details.

Here are the customizations you can make here:

  • Social Text: Consider using an inviting phrase that will make readers want to take action, such as “Step into my social circle,” “Let’s connect,” or “Stalk me on the internet.”😅
  • Social Media Links: Add the links to your profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, email (Gmail), and TikTok to make it easy for readers to find and follow you.

Link Settings

Take control of your social media links with the following options:

  • Nofollow: Use this attribute to signal to search engines not to follow these links, preserving your link authority.
  • Noopener: Prevent linked pages from accessing the window opener object, enhancing security.
  • Noreferrer: Instruct the browser not to send referrer information when users click the links, improving privacy.

Your Profile Image

  • To reach this section, go to Starbox PRO > First Time Setup and scroll down to Load Image

Important: The ‘First Time Setup’ option in the menu is designed to assist you with creating your first Starbox author bio box. After you have successfully completed setting up your first Starbox author bio box, this option will no longer appear in the menu.

Complete your author bio details by including a profile picture. You can upload your profile image directly using the “Load Image” button. No Gravatar is needed!

We recommend choosing a photo that captures your essence and showcases the image you want to project.

Once you are happy with your settings, click on the “Save and Continue” button. This will take you to a section inside Starbox PRO where you can select the display style for your author bio box.

Select Your Author Bio Box Display

Once you’ve entered your initial details, it’s time to choose how your author bio box will be presented to your readers. Starbox PRO offers 3 display styles and 4 main filtering options, giving you the freedom to select the display style that best suits your vision.

The display style options you can choose for your author bio box are:

  1. Highly Visual (NEW): Experience one of the main features that sets Starbox PRO apart from the rest. With an exclusive selection of 14 blogger categories and a diverse array of themes and sub-themes to choose from, your author bio will reflect your individuality perfectly.
  2. Standard: Great for those who prefer the timeless display styles that established the popularity of earlier Starbox versions.
  3. Modern (NEW): Embrace a clean and crisp presentation of your bio that mirrors the sophistication of a modern business card.



👋 TIP: Select the ‘All‘ filter to explore all available display style options.

Highly Visual Themes

Let’s take a closer look at the “Highly Visual” display, an innovative, standout feature that you won’t find in any other author bio box plugin.

This option offers an expanded array of filtering choices to perfectly align with your style. Use the dropdown menu to sift through themes tailored to each of the 14 different blogger categories. Each blogger category comes with nine themes to choose from, and each theme has a pre-defined background image that you can customize later. But that’s not all!

Sub-Themes and Customization

By choosing the “Preview” option, you can explore eight sub-themes created for that theme. Each sub-theme offers a unique pre-designed configuration of bio information and elements, already set up for you.

Browse through, and when you find the one that suits you best, simply click “Select This Theme” to make it yours.

Worried about copyright infringement? Rest easy! All background images in our designed themes are copyright-free and have full commercial usage rights. As a Starbox PRO user, you can utilize these images freely in your author bio without any legal worries.


Extra Customization Options for All Themes

Every theme within Starbox PRO, particularly the “Highly Visual” choice, offers a suite of extra customization options.

Leverage these customization options to ensure your author bio box is a seamless extension of your personal or brand identity.

  • Change Theme: Adjust your theme to match your evolving style.
  • Background Image: Customize your background image by tweaking Brightness, Opacity, Grayscale, and Saturation. Plus, position your bio precisely where you want it for that perfect look.
  • Border Settings: Frame your bio with a border color that complements your branding palette.
  • Panel Settings: Paint your panel in a color that best resonates with your style and fine-tune its opacity to get the exact look you want.



Whether it’s the background image, border, or panel settings, you have the freedom to experiment with the many customization options that Starbox PRO provides.

If you want a fresh start, you can reset the changes you’ve made using the “Reset Options” button.

You can also update the background images anytime to reflect your personal growth, celebrate the seasons, or cast a light on various facets of your brand. The choice to swap out background images is always at your fingertips.

And for an extra touch of animation, why not add a GIF as your background image? It’s a fun way to add motion to your story, keeping your profile fresh and engaging.

Customization Options by Theme/Display Style

Let’s delve deeper into the customization opportunities that are available for each display style. Here’s a rundown of what each option offers:

1. Highly Visual

Dive into a full suite of customization tools including:

  • theme selection
  • background image adjustments with controls for brightness, opacity, grayscale, and saturation
  • custom bio positioning
  • border color tweaks
  • panel color selection
  • panel opacity fine-tuning
  • option to swap out background images

Plus, you have the flexibility to save your custom settings or reset to default. 

2. Standard

Keep it classic with the ability to:

  • change the border color
  • revert all modifications with a simple reset

3. Modern

Embrace a sleek look with options to:

  • alter the border color
  • adjust the panel color
  • and reset all changes

These features empower you to ensure your author bio box is as dynamic and unique as the stories you share.

Configure Your Preferred Display Options

With Starbox PRO, you’re in control of your author bio box’s visibility across your website.

You have the power to decide whether you want it to be visible everywhere on your website or only on specific WordPress post types, including posts, custom post types, or pages.



Display Everywhere: Choose the “All” option to make your author bio a standout element throughout your entire website. It will automatically feature your custom author bio box on every page and post you create, ensuring your presence is consistently highlighted.

Specific Post Types: For a more selective display, opt for the”Specific WordPress Post Types” setting. Here, you can activate your author bio box for particular types of content by toggling on the post types where you’d like your bio box to be visible.

We’ve already shown how Starbox PRO enables you to customize HOW your bio appears to your audience. With these display options, you also have complete control over WHERE your bio box is shown on your site.

All Authors Themes Overview

  • To reach this section, go to Starbox PRO > Authors

The “All Authors Themes” section provides a panoramic view of all author bio boxes configured for your website, enabling you to:

  1. Get a comprehensive view of all your authors’ bio boxes in one glance. It’s the ultimate way to ensure consistency and style throughout your website.
  2. Add a new author bio box. As your team grows, seamlessly create new author boxes to ensure a unified and engaging presence.
  3. Edit author details: For any particular user/author, you can edit their information, making it simple to keep your authors’ profiles up to date and in sync with their evolving personal brands.
  4. Edit themes: Choose another theme or re-customize the one you currently have. You have full flexibility to update how your authors are presented on your website, whenever you want.
  5. Delete author boxes: Adapt to shifts within your team or editorial direction by easily removing any author boxes that no longer serve your site’s purpose.



Whether you’re managing a multi-author blog, making updates, or ensuring your website’s aesthetic is on point, the “All Authors Themes” section provides you with full control over how your authors are showcased.

General Settings Overview

  • To reach this section, go to Starbox PRO > General Settings

In this section, you can:

1. Customize your Default Author Box

Starbox will automatically create a default author box when you select your first author bio box theme. But you can always customize it by navigating to General Settings > Default Author Box.

The default author bio box will be displayed for all users who don’t have a custom author bio box assigned to them. This will help create a unified aesthetic for your website and ensure that every new author will enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful author bio box.

2. Exclude Specific Users

If you want to prevent your Starbox-generated author boxes from displaying for select authors, simply use the “Don’t show your author boxes for:” option to choose and omit them with ease. The settings you enable here will apply for ALL author bio boxes you’ve generated using Starbox.

3. Display Options

In the “Display Options area”, you have the power to specify the locations where your Starbox-generated author bio boxes will appear. Opt to showcase them on every post and page by selecting “All.”

If you want your Starbox-generated author bio boxes to only appear on specific WordPress post types, select “Specific WordPress Post Types” and choose the post types you want to include. The settings you enable here will apply for ALL author bio boxes you’ve generated using Starbox.



🎉 High-Five! You’ve Made it to the End of this Guide!

We hope that you now feel more confident to start using Starbox PRO to turn every author on your site into a star readers can’t wait to discover.

We’ve covered a lot of ground together—from the basics of setting up your first author box to the advanced customization options that will ensure your author bio box reflects your unique persona.

Feel free to refer back to the video tutorial as needed, and revisit any section of the written guide whenever you need a refresher.
And now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the many features and possibilities that Starbox PRO offers, go ahead and put it to the test.

We can’t wait to see the stunning author bio boxes you’re going to create!