StarBox, the author bio box that’s pushing content marketing to the stars

StarBox the Author Bio Box

Starbox the author bio boxContent marketing. You hear about it everywhere. You have a faint feeling that you’re starting to even dream about it but thank God you can’t really remember much of what you’ve dreamt.

You’re really starting to feel like an expert in the field although you’ve only read about it twice or three times in the past two months. It doesn’t matter. You’ve heard so much chatter about it lately that documentation is obsolete. You have already became a guru of content marketing.

What does a content marketing Guru have to do with a WordPress plugin?

First of all you’re limited by your very own title. Guru, by definition is a master, a teacher. Why not become a star? A deity? Immortal. Forever remembered. Alongside with whatever you’ve written lately of course.

Here comes StarBox the Author Bio Box, our latest WordPress plugin, into play. You might say it’s “just” another author box that does what every other author box does and for those of you who say that I’ve got 2 words “Klout Score”. That’s not even a main feature of our plugin but we got Klout score integrated inside StarBox the Author bio Box so that anyone that gets a glimpse at the author box can see your Klout score.

And since we’ve reached the topic of features here are 5 features that will transform your content marketing Guru-ness into a form of deity-awesomeness even Cthulhu would fear:

  1. Social Reach. You can link to not 3, not 5, not 7 but 11 social networks( Facebook, Twitter, Klout, Google+, LinkedIN, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, Vimeo). That’s right. If you got 11 accounts on 11 different social networks you can have them all at the tip of any readers mouse pointer.
  2. HTML 5. That’s not HTML 2 [RFC1866], not HTML 3[HTML32], not even HTML 4[HTML40]. It’s exactly what it reads. HTML 5.  So if in 10 years the zombie apocalypse is upon us, you’ll still be able to use our StarBox to remind your new zombie-readers who you are and what articles you’ve written.
  3. Google Microformats (vCard) to display Rich Snippets in Google search results.
  4. Customizable. And we don’t just say that. You’ve got themes, Author Name, Job Title, Company name with link to Company’s page, profile image upload so you don’t have to choose Gravatar if you so wish and many more.
  5. Google and Facebook authorship friendly. It’s even optimized for Facebooks Open-Graph.

You can find the entire list of features and reviews from the people that played with it here.

Content marketing break down

At it’s core content marketing is what it reads. It’s marketing of the content. Take a box of milk for example. The box is basically the content. What is the most memorable thing about a milk box besides it’s shape? The brand and fat percentage. So marketing a box of milk is revolving around it’s brand, type and fat percentage.

Now lets compare the same milk box with your website.

The brand. Pretty straightforward. The milk box has a brand. Your website also is branded.

The type. Milk has “Whole Milk”, “Semi-skimmed”,”UHT” etc, while your website has different types of articles belonging to different fields. For the sake of simplifying this explanations we’ll categorize the website’s types into tags.

The fat percentage. For milk it’s 0.9%, 1.5%, 3.2% and so on and so forth. Different fat percentages have different tastes. Websites have this nifty thing called content creators. Also known as copywritters or authors. While some people might enjoy your writing style, others might be more fond of one of your colleague.

Marketing a box of milk revolves around it’s brand, it’s type and it’s fat percentage.

Marketing a website revolves around it’s brand, it’s article types and it’s authors.

You can “sell” your brand through features, benefits, product attributes, the brand image and brand idea.

You can market your content through the articles present on the website or through the authors that write them.

Let’s dissect this last statement. Say you got a cooking blog. And with it you have Jenny Fictional and Mark Imaginary who write for that blog. They both post cooking recipes (between you and me Jenny is a much better cook than Mark). Articles come and go. Some are forgotten. Some are bookmarked. But authors are not as easily forgotten. You might remember Jenny for that killer lasagna recipe or Mark for that disastrous filet mignon. But you remember them. And that’s one more thing to forget.

That’s why in today’s age and time it’s important to know who is behind the idea. And that’s exactly what Author Box is at it’s core. A box. Not too intrusive but at the same time not inconspicuous so that your authors find their way to the stars.



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