The content marketing strategy of Shopify seen by Content Look

If you’ve missed my post where I talked about Shopify’s success story, then you should go ahead and read it. There’s more to Shopify than the success of their ecommerce business. I decided to show you that Shopify’s success is also strongly related to their website’s content marketing strategy. When we write success stories for our blog, we also focus on discovering those that have the content aspect in them. And Shopify does.

Presenting Content Look

Our newest and most expected tool is here! Content Look was created so that everyone can see how strong is their website’s content marketing strategy, what their loopholes are, and how they can improve it. And all of this for free! Our tool analyzes 6 main areas: blogging, social, SEO, traffic, authority, and links.

I chose Shopify as a case study to show you how Content Look works. Their overall score is 87, out of 100. Close to perfect! Not bad, Shopify.

marketing strategy

After you see your overall score, you can then move on, and analyze the 6 main areas of your website’s content marketing strategy. The first area is blogging, which is divided in 2 main tasks. The first one, as you can see in the print screens below, is completed, but the second one is not. This is easy to fix. Use a plugin that will help you optimize your articles both for humans, and search engines.

contentlook contentlook2

Aside from the lacking in content optimization, Shopify also needs to improve some tasks from the SEO category, such as long tail keywords, the length of the title tag (which has an extra letter than it is recommended), copyright meta, and DcPublisher Meta. All of these areas are explained in the To Do section.

As it turns out, there are a lot of aspects that need to come together when it comes to your website’s content marketing strategy, and Content Look tells you all about them.

Curious how strong your content marketing strategy is?

There’s no need to show you every area of their strategy. You can enter your website’s URL, and check it for yourself as well. I just wanted to give you a quick overview of our new tool, and make an update to show you how certain aspects of your website’s content strategy matter for your success.

Dare to try it! Tell your friends, your business partners, your colleagues to try it as well, so you can all enjoy success. After you try it out, give us your feedback. We’d like to know what we should change about it, or whether we can make it better.

It’s time to power up your website’s content marketing strategy!

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