The Easter Bunny Has Visited The Squirrly Office

12 Apr 2015
| Last update: 07 May 2020

It was a beautiful day. Finally a sunny day. All the people and squirrels in the world had waited for a day like this one. Especially since the Easter was here (Eastern Easter, fun choice of words, huh?) and The Squirrly Team was ready to welcome the Easter Bunny.

We waited for the Bunny with some delicious cookies, snacks and of course, with a really good wine. We all got together at the office and celebrated.

the easter bunny

We celebrated the Easter, but also, a victory for Teo, our SEO Expert.

She was featured in this awesome kindle edition book: 500 SEO Tips: Essential Strategies To Bulldoze Through Google’s Rankings, Increase Traffic and Go Viral by Silvia O’Dwyer. She talked about some of the SEO Myths that people take for granted. Go Teo!

teodora vingan seo

While we all celebrated, suddenly we heard some noises at the door. Calin went to see what they were, and guess what: We had been visited by the Easter Bunny! Too bad we couldn’t see it. But look how awesome he was! He brought a little kinder surprise for each of us. They were gone in a second!

the easter bunny

Also, the surprises didn’t stop there. Another Easter Bunny had come. This one was from our friends from Telenav. This chocolate was so delicious! We love Telenav!

easter bunny telenav

Happy Easter to all of you 🙂