The first Squirrly academy week

You might have heard it, there is another school in town. The Squirrly academy is an on-line program that helps you understand what content marketing is all about. And we’ve officially opened our Udemy doors for a week now. Let’s see what our students have been up to these past days.

Getting everybody in class and establishing the right environmentsquirrly academy

Like in any class you have attended there are always those that are in the class room long before the class has started. The early birds were also present at our course and received a special offer. But the number of students kept on growing, so the Squirrly Academy has now 374 enrolled students.

What is Squirrly Academy all about ?

Our course wants to teach you how to think your own strategy from the small things to the more problematic ones. It focuses on getting the students (that’s you, guys!) to have the right mindset in the approach you take towards selling your products online and promoting your brand. The 32 lectures and the bonus files are made to give you a starting point in a well fundamental approach to your way of planning and  implementing tactics.

It explains a little about what SEO is and why it is important for your company. The course focuses on establishing that the content on your blog should be created for the audience you have. Keeping these principles and the tendency in mind will make you focus on the important aspects of  content marketing. Squirrly Academy is a great way of getting to understand what is the attitude you need to have in the online market.

The first week of lectures

What our CEO, Florin, wanted to accomplish this week was to get you to understand the marketing part of content marketing. That means that during the first week we focused more on the SEO, the social and the viral. The first lecture, like most introductory ones gave the students the opportunity to better know us, the team behind Squirrly Academy and your coach Florin.

The second lecture explained how well the optimized content performs on the Internet through organic traffic. Based on Forbes and our own statistics we can demonstrate what is the difference in traffic for under performing unoptimized articles. It also talks about the tool that can help you get this done. A little homework was offered to the students. An exercise to get their Squirrly greens.

squirrly academy

By the third lecture, Squirrly Academy got interesting. Florin presented to us a solution that would work even if Google decided to take away all the small useless tricks out there. Understanding the demand is a key aspect in order for you to know how to sell your product and your content, while another one is how you can do keyword research and how this connects to establishing your demand.

In the forth lecture Florin expanded Dan Martell’s content marketing plan from IT start-ups to a more general idea of how anyone can use the powerful tool of inbound marketing. In the Squirrly Academy Program you will get to know how your teacher managed to get 5000 new users in only 4 months and how that translates into the real world.

In the last lecture this week, our students got to better understand what referral traffic is and why it is important. More importantly the tactic to hi-jack audiences is also explained at the general level. It is a great way to get people to work for you without them even knowing it. Squirrly Academy wants all its students to succeed in the content marketing world.

Engaging the audience

As the lectures were great and fun, students were happy to be present. They enjoyed the materials they received and the precious information they understood. Florin received quite a few mails with questions, but I will keep them unknown until the end of the course. Even so, a great question was also addressed inside the Udemy Squirrly Academy Program.

Since Florin talked about social media in the link referral lecture, Hieup Giap wanted to know if we had a course in social content marketing. As the program will not stop at only one course, Florin promised to stay in touch with the information concerning the launch of that course. Knowing that Hieup needed the information as soon as possible, he offered him an audit tool, the Content look, in order to establish where the problem was with his strategy.

At the end of the week

Like happens with any great class, students were late, so their number kept on rising. One by one they all wanted to try out the course. If you don’t believe it, check it out for yourself. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next weeks! I’ll keep you posted after each week.

Have you entered the Squirrly Academy program yet ? What are you waiting for ?




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